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How to Use Game Mode to Capture PC Game

RecMaster’s Game Mode is designed to help people record (DirectX-based) PC games efficiently. So when you have such a requirement, launch RecMaster and follow the steps below to accomplish the capture.

Note that Game Mode is only available for Windows now. If you are a Mac user, please turn to Full Screen or Custom Area mode as a Game Mode alternative.

And with the latest release of RecMaster, the Game mode is enhanced a lot. Please refer to how to record videos in Game Mode with RecMaster?

1. Download and Install RecMaster

free download RecMaster for Windows

2. Launch the game and RecMaster, and Choose “Game Mode”

With RecMaster installed on your Windows computer, you can open it and click the leftmost “Game Mode” button on the main interface to go ahead.

Choose Game Mode of RecMaster

3. Detect the Game

Switch between the game and RecMaster window by pressing Alt+Tab to confirm your game is detected by RecMaster.

Run Game and Start Recording

If your game cannot be detected, please switch to Full Screen or Custom Area mode.

4. Set for the Recording

Turning on the System Sound, you can record the audio you can hear from the computer. Turning on the Microphone, you can record your voice. You can choose Advanced on the dropdown menu of System Sound. Then, you can test to choose the right audio device and reduce background noise. If you don’t need to record your voice, please disable the Microphone to avoid environmental noises.

Audio devices

To record a software tutorial with the facecam and narration, you can choose the Full Screen mode and turn on the webcam and microphone.

Note that for multiple-monitor users, Game Mode only features recording either one of them. If you need to record two or more displays at the same time, you should use Custom Area to select them all.

5. Run the Game and Start Game Capture

Run the game you’d like to record, and then click the REC button or press the hotkey (Alt+1) to start the recording.

Run Game and Start Recording

6. Stop the Recording

Click the Stop button or press the hotkey (Alt + 2) to end the recording.

7. Play & edit

Now you can play, rename, edit, open, and share the gameplay video on the Recording list.

Recording List Operations

Last Words

Game Mode offers a high-performance and -quality game recording than the other two video recording modes. However, if your game is not compatible well with this game mode, you can switch to Full Screen or Custom Area to complete the recording.

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