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If you want to record a webinar, create a how-to guide, or keep your gameplay highlight forever, you can use screen recording software to help you. RecMaster is an easy-to-use screen recorder that enables you to record your entire desktop or any part of your computer screen with system sound, and microphone sound. Follow the steps below to learn how to install this software and how to use RecMaster to record a video for free.

How to Record with RecMaster Screen Recorder for Windows

What is RecMaster Screen Recorder?

RecMasterRecMaster is a screen recording software designed for capturing and recording desktop activities on Windows and Mac computers. It allows users to record their screen, audio, webcam, and even gameplay with high-quality output in various formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV, GIF, and more.

RecMaster is often used by professionals, educators, and gamers who need to create video tutorials, demos, presentations, or training videos. It offers various recording modes such as Full Screen, Custom Area, Webcam, and Game Mode, and also includes features like annotation tools, editing functions, and scheduled recording.

Overall, RecMaster is a useful tool for anyone who needs to record their computer screen for any purpose.

How to Use RecMaster?

Step 1: Installing RecMaster

You can download this video-capturing software from the official website for free. You can use RecMaster to record your screen for free, but there will be a watermark (the logo of RecMaster) on the recordings.

Free Download RecMaster Windows Trial      Free Download RecMaster Mac Trial

1. Click the “Free Trial” buttons.
2. Download the software.
3. Click the “Install Now” button to install it on your computer.

Step 2: Choosing a recording mode

Choose a mode - How to Use RecMaster Screen Recorder for Windows?

When you launch RecMaster, you will find seven recording modes in RecMaster: Full-Screen mode, Custom Area mode, Game mode, Program Window mode, Follow Cursor mode, Webcam mode, and Audio Only mode.

Full-Screen mode: Capturing the entire desktop.
Custom Area mode: Only record your selected area. You can record mobile-sized videos for TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.
Game mode: Identify and capture game windows. It will record in FPS mode. If you hope to record your face, you can choose Full-Screen mode and enable the webcam.
Program Window mode: Record only the selected window without interference from other windows.
Follow Cursor mode: Follow the cursor to record a selected size area.
Webcam mode: Record your webcam.
Audio Only mode: Record audio only (system sound and microphone sound).

Step 3: Confirming the recording settings

Full Screen - How to Use RecMaster Screen Recorder for Windows?

When you choose a recording mode, the next step is to confirm the recording settings. RecMaster enables you to record the system sound, microphone, and webcam.

If you want to record the sound from the computer, you can enable the “System Sound”. By pressing the triangle beside the System Sound or Microphone, you can click Advanced to launch the Sound Settings. On that window, you can choose the right audio device and test to confirm whether they work before recording.
And if you want to record your own voice, you can enable the “Microphone”. If you only need the System Sound, you’d better turn off the Microphone to avoid environmental noises.
RecMaster also allows you to record the “Webcam” synchronously to get a picture-in-picture mode. You can set the webcam to shape a rectangle or round. You can even set the smartphone as a webcam to get a better and more flexible experience.

Step 4: Recording the screen with RecMaster

Game recording -How to Use RecMaster Screen Recorder for Windows?

Click the REC button or type the Alt key+1 to start the recording. If you need to pause the recording, you can click on the blue Pause button or press the Alt key+1. To stop the capturing, you can hit the red Stop button or press the Alt key+2.

There will be a three-second countdown after the REC button is clicked.

RecMaster Hotkeys

Step 5: Preview and edit the recorded video

Edit with RecMaster

Find your recorded video in the recording list easily. You can play/rename/edit/locate/delete/share the recordings. The recorded video will be saved in the recording list automatically and named a combination of a date and a random number.

You can cut, trim, and delete clips by using the built-in editing tool for free.

Click on the “Upload” button and you can share the recorded video with others by uploading it to YouTube and Google Drive.


1. If you want to show real-time keystrokes while recording, you can go to Menu>> Settings>> Keyboard, and choose to show the keystrokes. As long as the recording area covers the keystroke displaying section, you can record the keystrokes in real time.
2. If you want to show your cursor and add some cursor effects to make it more visible, you can go to Menu>> Settings>> Cursor, set the moving track, highlight the cursor, and add click effects.
3. And if you hope to set RecMaster to start auto-recording as soon as it’s launched, you can go to Menu>> Auto recording and do the settings. You can also set RecMaster to record and stop recording at a scheduled time with the scheduler.


In conclusion, RecMaster is a super easy screen recorder that you can record your computer screen with clicks. The default parameters provide the best matches for file size and quality. And other than that, you can also do advanced parameter settings like video codecs, audio bitrate, cursor effects, keystrokes, scheduler, auto recording, etc. No matter whether you are an educator, office worker, and gamer, you will find it useful to record gameplay videos, video tutorials, demos, presentations, or training videos.

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