How to Record Screen on Windows Computer/Laptop

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This is an easy guide on how to capture any screen activities on Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP computer, with audio or not, in full screen or just a selected area. Applicable to Windows 11 as well.  How to Screen Record on Windows Video is changing our lifestyle! We spend more time on video streaming services to enjoy movies, TV shows, sports matches, live broadcasts and such. We prefer to chat with family and friends through video or audio calls rather than typing long texts slowly. Even when we want to learn something new, we tend to search and look into the explanation or teaching video online instead of struggling with the word-to-word paper in the library. But life is not always so perfect, because you will come across certain troubles with video such as: you want to download your favored films or courses for (offline) watching only to find the platform doesn’t endower you to do so, you’d like to capture some on-screen actions for making demos by yourself but don’t know how to, you’ve tried many “best recorders for Windows” but they just disappoint you for different reasons… Well, with the help of a feature-packed screen recording helper like RecMaster, you won’t have such matters any more.

How to Capture Various Screen Videos on Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP

You are suggested to free download RecMaster – a slick 1080p/4K screen recorder to record gorgeous gameplay clips, full-screen or partial-screen video of any content displaying on your Windows screen. free download RecMaster for Windows RecMaster is all-around screen video recording software for Windows and Mac, which offers 5 core recording modes including all the rage game recording, full-screen recording, custom area recording, webcam recording and audio recording only. Attention you are free to adjust video parameters under the first four video recording functions. Below are the details: RecMaster for Windows UI RecMaster supported video formats: MP4, AVI, FLV RecMaster supported video quality standard: Standard, High, Original RecMaster supported video frame rate: 20fps, 23.976/29.97/60 (NTSC), 24/25/30 (PAL) Webcam overlay: Y Mix internal system audio: Y Mix microphone narration: Y Add cursor/watermark effect into the video: Y Multiple-monitor recording: Y Scheduled recording: Y Easy edits: Y Social share: Y Here in this guide, we will put our focus on how to screen record on Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP. If you need to do the same recording stuff on your Apple screen running macOS 10.7 or later, just apply the same workflow. Now please free download and install the lightweight software on your machine. After that, launch it to do the specific recording as you need. Content Navigation: Part 1 – How to Screen Record Gameplay on Windows Part 2 – How to Record Full-screen Video on Windows Part 3 – How to Screen Record a Specific Area on Windows Part 4 – How to Record Webcam Video on Windows

Part 1. How to Screen Record Gameplay on Windows 10/8/7/XP with RecMaster

RecMaster’s “Gameplay Mode” enables gamers to record crisp gaming video at up to 4K @60fps (if the monitor is 4K one). So when you plan to record DirectX game segments on PC like The Witcher game, Dark Souls, and CS Go,m just follow the steps below: Step 1 – Launch Software Open the software and click the leftmost “Game Mode” function button on the main UI to jump into the next interface. Step 2 – Do Recording Settings in Advance Here you can keep the default settings or change anyone according to your actual demand. For example, you can record 4K-quality gameplay on your 4K monitor by altering resolution to as original if your disk has enough space to store it, capture multiple monitors simultaneously by choosing them all, show your front camera on the screen with audio. You can also tap the “Settings” icon to do customize the mouse cursor or watermark effects. Screen Record Game on Windows with RecMaster Step 3 – Record and Edit (If Necessary) Press the red circle “REC” button to record after 3-second-countdown, or use “Alt + 1” (recommended) hotkey to start the game recording right away. Whenever the recording has come to an end, just stop the recording by typing “Alt + 2” hotkey. Note that all the hotkeys are changeable under Settings. Gameplay video may be long and large. If you need to cut it into smaller shorter pieces, tap “Edit” icon located on the recording list to do easy cutting. More Words on Windows 10 Gameplay Recording: For Windows 10 users, Xbox Game Bar/DVR (a built-in app of the system) is a good bet to do easy game recording. By simply typing “Win + G” and then “Win + Alt + R”, you are on the way to record a high-quality MP4 video at 30fps by default. A convenient app indeed, however, it can only record one program (which means any other pop-up windows would stop the recording) at up to 4 hours. Another alternative way for Windows 7, 8(.1) and 10 users to grab brilliant gameplay videos is to take advantage of the superb hardware configuration from Nvidia or AMD (if there is) and use its powerful performance to do the in-game recording work vividly. Nvidia ShadowPlay is a typical example. Related reading: 11 Best Game Recording Software for Windows

Part 2. How to Record Full Screen Video on Windows 10/8/7/XP with RecMaster

In some cases, you need to capture the entire computer screen to create an instruction video, a Keynote presentation or similar. And the “Full Screen Recording” of RecMaster gives you quick access to one-click capture anything on the desktop covering the taskbar, menu, and cursor. By doing related settings beforehand, you can also work out a picture-in-picture footage with webcam and mic audio opened to give an explanation. So, just follow the 3-step instruction below to record the whole region of your screen as easy as ABC: record full screen video with RecMaster Step 1 – Download and Open RecMaster Get the free version downloaded and installed on you Windows. Then launch it and press “Full Screen Recording” to navigate to the next panel. Step 2 – Adjust Settings You can click to choose any video format, quality level and frame rate you prefer and whether to show the webcam or audio from system and microphone. Also, you can open the Setting icon to on the top right to decide cursor and watermark effect. Shortcut keys are also adjustable according to your favor. By default, “Alt + 1” is used to start or pause recording, and “Alt + 2” is to stop recording. Step 3 – Record and View Tap REC button or “Alt + 1” to start. During the recording, you can use the Draw Panel to take annotation. When it’s time to finish the recording process, use the hotkey easily. After that, you will see your final video in the video list, where you can also enter into a built-in video editor to cut and export.

Part 3. How to Screen Record Selected Area on Windows 10/8/7/XP with RecMaster

RecMaster offers much flexibility on the screen recording, and that’s where the “Selected Area Recording” comes in. It saves the video authors much time by allowing them to customize and record a particular area on desktop as necessary so that the raw video piece can be uploaded online or sent to the viewers directly without further cropping. Moreover, to some degree, this is a good way  to avoid any privacy disclosure. Well, let’s check through how RecMaster works: screen record a certain area with RecMaster Step 1 – Open and Choose a Region On the main UI of RecMaster, hit the third “Selected Area Recording” button to choose the region you will specifically record with the mouse. Alternatively, you can reset the resolution for computer or smart phone by choosing one that’s preloaded here. Step 2 – Set for Video or Audio Like the two recording modes above, it still allows you to change settings of video formats, fps, as well as whether to turn on the webcam, computer or MIC sound. Step 3 – Record and Finish Hit REC to begin the capture. You can add rich annotations by using the Draw panel. When the recording is done, do press “Alt + 1” to stop it. Then your movie will show on the video list. You can play it, one-click upload it to social or edit it with the built-in video editor. When using this function, you are suggested to pay more attention to the pick of video aspect ratio, vertical or horizontal (see how to record horizontal video), square or landscape. Because only when the final video fits for the end player can the target audiences make the most of it. For video marketing, since the mobile force has become quite prominent, mobile-friendly vertical video outperforms the other three in terms of engagement, views, etc.

Part 4. How to Screen Record the WebCam on Windows 10/8/7/XP with RecMaster

When your Windows computer or laptop is born with a front camera or equipped with another decent webcam, you can make use of it to output more video types, for instance, a self-introduction video, singing video, markup video, performance video, teaching video, entertainment video and more. The integrated Camera app of Windows simply could record MP4 webcam video at up to 720p, while RecMaster supports 1080p capture at most while providing additional functionalities like adding watermark, editing, and one-click upload to pop sites. Generally, the microphone should be turned on during the shooting unless you intend to do dubbing or add background music afterwards. Maybe you can refer to the following guide: record webcam video on Windows 10 with RecMaster Step 1 – Choose Webcam Recording Mode Either gameplay or full screen or selected area recording feature gives you an option to open and show the front camera. But only the fourth feature – Front Camera Recording supports shooting the webcam video alone. So click this button to go ahead. Step 2 – Do Settings for Camera and Output Video If there are more than one integrated camera, then you can pick anyone as you like. You can still have your own idea on whether to get the system or microphone audio recorded or not. Besides video frame rate, video format and resolution are adjustable, too. Step 3 – Record Tap REC and get your performance started.

Bottom Line

We use the computer screen a lot, on which there is so much information we may wish to reserve locally or share with others. No matter for personal or business purposes, the screen recorder is badly needed here. As one of the best screen recorder for Windows (10/8/7/XP), RecMaster is able to tackle any screen recording task you may need with ease and gives you ultimate control on what to capture, how to capture on your monitor, including recording audio only and recording screen video with facecam. Related Windows Guides: How to Screen Record on Windows 7 How to Record Screen on Windows XP Line

Frequent Asked Questions

1). How do I record my Windows screen? You should rely on a dedicated screen recorder for Windows 10 like RecMaster, which can help you get Windows screen record at high quality with the system sound or microphone voice. As a flexible desktop screen recorder, RecMaster enables you to record the full screen or select a certain area to record, to annotate the capture, to define the output video quality as you want, and also edit & share the recorded file to YouTube. 2). How do I record the Windows screen with audio? RecMaster gives two settings on recording screen on PC with audio, and they are System Sound and Microphone. You can turn them on or off and adjust their volume on the recorder. If there are more than one mic sources, you can choose either to grab during the recordng process. 3). Does Windows has a internal screen recorder? Only Windows 10 has a built-in screen recorder and its name is Game Bar. You can simply press “Win icon + G” on the keyboard to pop the Game Bar’s interface up on the screen, and then start the recording on a gameplay or any application window with ease. Other Windows systems like Windows 8(.1), Windows 7 or lower don’t have such bundled screen recorder like Windows 10.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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