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How to Enable & Set Mouse Cursor Effect for Recording

Mouse cursor effect is mostly applied in how-to tutorials, educational course videos and other demonstration videos. Stress of important points can be shown by using cursor sound, track, or effects. In this way, viewer can easily grasp the key points and concentrate more on the content. As a professional screen recorder, RecMaster also embeds this function. So the following part is about how to enable/ set mouse cursor effect during recording with RecMaster.

How to Enable/ Set Mouse Cursor Effect

Choose one mode and then click the Settings button. In the General interface, there are several options for mouse effect.

Show cursor: It enables mouse cursor to be shown during recording.
Hide cursor: It closes all these mouse cursor effects.
Click sound (Windows only): It captures mouse click sound during recording.
Moving track (Windows only): It records the mouse cursor movements during recording.
Highlight cursor: It emphasizes the mouse cursor with a small circle.
Click effects: It shows mouse click either the left click or the right click.

How to record screen with mouse effect

Step 1: Please download and install RecMaster on your computer.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 2: Choose recording mode
To record screen with mouse effect, you’d better capture with screen activity. Since Webcam and Audio only mode can’t enable mouse effect, here we suggest Full screen and Custom area to capture your screen video. As for Windows user, you can also select Game mode as well.

Suggested screen recording modes

Step 3: Enable mouse effect
Go to Settings interface and then in the General menu you can set mouse effect with ease. You are also allowed to change the default color as you like.

Enable mouse effect in Settings

Step 4: Make other configuration
Turn on Webcam to produce a picture-in-picture video, which is universally seen in many tutorial videos. For high-paced gameplay tutorial, RecMaster offers frame rate up to 60 fps. You can also choose quality, format, audio sources according to your actual needs.

Change related parameter

Step 5: Start recording
REC button is for starting recording. Now optionally move your mouse to attract viewer’s attention and emphasize key points.
Start recording with mouse effect

Step 6: End and share
Press Stop button to stop. If you need to edit and share video, you can use the bundled editor to trim the recorded video.

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