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How to Make Annotation for Recording?

Annotation tools serve as a brilliant approach to highlighting content.

RecMaster offers users rich annotation tools including Brush, Eraser, Text, Rectangle, Circle, Inclined Line, and Arrow. On the panel, users can adjust the thickness of the pen and also, change the color of Text and brushes.

Let’s have a clearer look at what are the annotation tools and the steps to add them.

Add Annotation to Recordings

Annotations make videos look instructive and intuitive. RecMaster’s annotation bar offers users a bunch of tools to annotate screen recordings.

Users could

  • Use brushes to draw and circle;
  • Use texts as a means to add detailed information;
  • Use graphics to highlight a certain area;
  • Use the eraser to make their screen recordings clean again.

Annotations are very convenient for highlighting presentation videos and online courses.

List of Annotation Tools

Steps to Add Annotation Tools While Recording

1. Download and install RecMaster.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

2. Open RecMaster and choose a mode.

There are two modes available for the feature of annotating. They are Full-Screen Mode and Custom-Area Mode.Choose A Recording Mode

3. Enable the annotation bar

After choosing a mode, a toolbar will show up on the top-center of the screen. On the toolbar, you can press the Paintbrush button to enable the annotation bar. If you hope to enable the annotation bar during the recording, or you can’t find the toolbar, you can enable it with Alt+h.

Annotation Tools and the Floating Panel

4. Start recording and annotating

Pressing the “REC” button or Alt+1, you will start recording. Then, you can start your annotation now.

Annotate with the Paintbrush tools

You can use the Paintbrush tools to annotate your recording.


The usage of the tools on the annotation bar:

>> Choose: If you used the other annotation tools and hoped to control or modify the current document or screen again, you can press Choose to switch. In this way, you can edit documents keeping the annotations on the screen.

Choose - usage of annotation tools
>> Brush: Draw random lines on the screen. You can change the thickness and color as you like.
>> Highlight: Highlight sentences or parts on your screen. The color and thickness can be changed.
>> Text: Add text the font size and font color you like on the screen.
>> Number: Add numbers on the screen to make things in order. The size and color are changeable.
>> Rectangle: You can drag to add rectangles on the screen for your needs.
>> Circle: With this tool, you can drag to draw ellipses or circles.
>> Line: Draw straight lines.
>> Arrow: Add arrows to point to where you hope others to notice.
>> Revoke: Revoke the previous step.
>> Clear: Clear all signs added with the annotation tools from the screen.
>> Thickness/Font size: Change the thickness or font size of the signs.
>> Color: Change the colors of the signs.

Other tools for annotating during the recording

Other than the annotation tools, you can use other tools to make your recording more informative and unique.

Magnifier (Alt+p): Enlarge the section your cursor is pointing to.

Magnifier - other annotation tools

Keystrokes (Alt+j): Show keystrokes during the recording.

Keystrokes - other annotation tools

Cursor Effects: You can enable and set it by going to Menu>> Cursor.

Settings-Cursor Effects

Watermarks: You can go to Menu>> Settings>> Advanced>> Watermarks to enable and set the text, time, or image watermarks. In that way, you will find a watermark shown on the recorded video.


4. Stop annotation and recording.

If you hope to disable the annotation during the recording, you can press the “x” button on the annotation bar, the Paintbrush button on the RecMaster toolbar, or Alt+h on your keyboard.

To stop the recording, you can either press the stop button on the RecMaster interface or Alt+2. Then, the annotated video will show on the recording list.

Stop recording

5. Annotate & edit the recorded video

If you already recorded the video and hope to add annotations or edit the video, you can do the following.

Add subtitles and delogo

If you hope to add subtitles and remove the unwanted logos on the video, you can press the scissors button on the RecMaster recording list to launch the Editor. Then, you can do simple editing with ease.

Add circles, highlights, and other annotations to the recorded video

For more editing features such as adding circles, highlights, and other annotations, you can use some thrid-party free editors like CapCut or professional editors like Adobe Premiere.

RecMaster provides users with a series of useful annotation tools, availing them to add drawings and highlights to their footages. Users now don’t need to turn to another third-party editor to edit footage.

Ideal Occasions for Annotations

  1. Annotate Online courses for accurate learning
  2. Annotate Presentation videos to emphasize the contents
  3. Annotate normal videos to make them look colorful
  4. Annotate tutorial videos to better guide their viewers, etc


RecMaster is an excellent third-party screen recorder with functional annotation tools. It captures everything that happens on your desktop and allows users to add texts, and graphics to their footage.

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