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How to Record Videos in Game Mode with RecMaster?

RecMaster, the professional screen recording software is designed to record videos of Games, program operations, online lectures, online meetings, live streams, and anything you hope to record or capture on your computer screen. The newly updated version is released with enhanced game recording performances. With the new RecMaster, there are three ways to record Game videos in Game mode, Full Screen, and Custom Area. In this user guide, you will know the ways to record game videos in game mode, full screen, and custom area.

Download and Install the New RecMaster

RecMaster supports record videos on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, etc. Please download and install the useful screen recorder from the button below. You can record videos for up to 2 minutes with the free trial version.

free download RecMaster for Windows

Contents of this article

Now let’s start with the recommended one.

1. How to Record Videos in Game Mode?

The most recommended way to record game videos is to record in Game mode since it will take fewer resources with steadier and better quality. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Launch and enter the game. For example, Grant Theft Auto V, Home, Sweet Homee, Left 4 Dead 2, The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt, Dota 2, etc.

launch the game - grand theft auto v


Step 2: Launch RecMaster, choose the Game mode, and switch from RecMaster to the game window and switch back until RecMaster detects the game *.exe.

Once RecMaster detected the game, and if you enabled it to show FPS, there will be green numbers on the top-left of the game window.

switch to detect the game-record videos in game mode

Step 3: Click REC to start the recording.

You can also use the hotkeys to start or pause the recording here. The default hotkey is Alt + 1.

If you’ve enabled FPS in Settings, you will find the green FPS numbers turn red while recording.

Record videos in game mode (hooking)

If you can’t find the FPS numbers shown, please go to Menu >> Settings, scroll down to find Game Recording and tick Show FPS. If you hope to disable it, just uncheck the box.

show fps in game mode

Step 4: To end the recording, you can either press the red stop button on RecMaster or with the hotkeys. The default hotkey to stop recording is Alt + 2. And after the recording, you can play, edit and locate the file in the folder.

recording list - game mode recording

With the newly updated editor, you can not only cut and trim the video on the timeline, you can also delogo and add subtitles to the video.


If you can’t find your game detected in Step 2, please close RecMaster, restart the game and launch RecMaster to check again. If you still can’t find the game detected, it’s possible that your game is not supported to be recorded in Game mode. You can record the game with the Full-Screen mode or Custom Area mode.

2. How to Record Game Videos in Full-Screen Mode?

Step 1: If RecMaster didn’t detect the game, for example, CSGO,  in the Game mode, you can click on Choose to switch to Full Screen.

no game detected

Or you can go back to the home interface of RecMaster to enable the Full-Screen mode.

record csgo video

Step 2: Start the recording by click REC or with the hotkeys.

hotkey settings

And still, after the game recording, you can do simple editings, play, and find the file location from the recording list. And if the game window is not in full screen, and you hope to record game videos in customed size, please follow the steps below.

3. How to Record Games in Custom Area Mode?

Step 1: Launch the game and RecMaster.

launch game

Step 2: Choose Custom Area on RecMaster and drag to set the area to record.

custom recording area

Step 3: Start the recording by clicking REC or hotkeys.

Start custom area recording

After the recording, you can press the red square button on the top bar to stop recording.

Can I Record Games with Program Window Mode Instead of Game Mode?

In Program Window mode, it only records operations in the Program. All the operations on other programs will not be recorded. And if the program window is covered by other windows, it will still record the selected program window. And if the recorded window is maximized, minimized, or resized, the recording will fail.

So if you are playing a game, the best way to record games is the Game mode, since it takes the fewest resource and is much more smooth and steady than the other modes.

If the game does not support to be recorded in hooking game mode, you can record game videos in the Full-Screen and Custom Area modes.

Now you know how to record PC games, you can record your own game video with no problems.

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