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How to Set Video/Audio Parameters for Recording

Settings on video or audio parameters matter a lot on the recording quality. Here let’s have an overview on what parameter options RecMaster has offered and how to adjust them properly.

Available Parameters RecMaster Has Provided Now

Currently, to guarantee an easy and quick recording for users, especially the newbies, RecMaster only empower users to control some parameters. Below are the details:

  RecMaster for Windows RecMaster for Mac
Video format MP4, AVI, FLV MP4, M4V, MOV (Located on the Settings)
Video quality Standard, High, Original SD, HD, Original
Frame rate type Constant frame rate & Variable frame rate


Constant frame rate only
Frame rate value 20, 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 60 20, 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 60
Audio format MP3, WAV M4A, CAF
Audio volume Adjustable for both system sound and microphone Unable to adjust

Parameters on RecMaster’s Full Screen Window

Questions You May Ask

1. CFR or VFR, what’s the difference, which one to choose?
Constant frame rate and variable frame rate are two FPS standards. As the name suggests, the former one keeps a fixed frame rate value when recording while the latter one obtains an actively changeable fps value according to the real-time screen movement.

CFR and VFR Options for Windows Users

VFR is widely used in mobile film shooting, (live) streaming video encoding and many more for outputting a relatively smaller-sized video. But it’s not compatible well with video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, more likely to cause video and audio out of sync or other issues. So many people choose CFR recording for post production or record VFR first and then convert VFR to CFR before the editing.

Another note on CFR is that, sometimes even when you select one certain fps value say “30” FPS withCFR option, it’s still possible for you to get a VFR video due to the incompetent computer or encoder.

2. How to choose an appropriate frame rate Value?
Let’s take a look at some fps standard first: NTSC color encoding system that’s popular in US and Japan adopts 30fps as its standard, and PAL in UK, Australia and more countries delvers a frame rate of 25 fps. All general TV shows and movies are created and viewed at 24fps. That’s to say, choose any fps value between 24 and 30 is totally enough for a high quality recording. If you want to lower the file size, you can lower it to 20.

Frame Rate Values of RecMaster

Then why there’s 60fps option? Generally, under the following two circumstances can you pick 60fps as the target frame rate:

– You plan to record a high-powered PC game that’s played in 60 or higher fps.
– You want to make slow-motion video after the capture. If the original fps is too low, the slowed video will look laggy.

3. What’s the bit rate of each quality option?
We all know that video quality is decided by many factors including video parameters and recording environment. And bit rate is de facto one of the key parameters influencing the quality. Currently, RecMaster doesn’t enable its users to adjust the bit rate value directly, but gives three Quality levels to make the settings much easier. From standard, high to original, their bit rate values are automatically changed to perfectly match the quality demands in different cases.

Quality Options with Related Bitrate

We believe a decent screen recorder should serve for both noobs and pros. Therefore, if you prefer more parameter settings, please feel free to contact us and let us know your actual requirement.