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How to Record Multiple Monitors?

More and more computer users tend to hook their machine with two or more monitors for a boost of efficiency. More than one monitor in a machine also means a larger resolution and better vision of the screen, so multiple monitors receive a warm welcome among gamers. A dual or triple monitor setup from a single computer is far more cost-effective and convenient. However, for those who need to do screen recording on multi-screen computers, it may become a headache on how to record multiple monitors at the same time. In this guide, we will show you a simple method to capture on your multi-monitor computer.

How to Record Multiple Monitors/Screens Simultaneously on Computer

So here’s the easy step-by-step guide on How RecMaster records multiple screens at the same time on a computer:

1. Open the software and choose Custom Area mode and then draw and drag to create an area to include all monitors.

choose the custom area mode

select the area

2. Define video settings according to your actual requirements. If you feel difficulty configuring parameters, you can totally keep video settings (e.g format, quality, and frame rate) by default. Mouse cursor effects are available to be adjusted. Besides, a watermark is available to be applied to your videos.

3. Press the REC button to start recording, during the process you can add some annotataions to your footage if you care to.

tip record toolbar


4. Tap the red stop button on the floating panel to end the recording (This operation could also be achieved in the main interface). And alternatively, you can use Alt+2 hotkey operations to end the recording too.

5. After that, you can preview, rename, edit the recorded multi-screen video or share it to YouTube and Google Drive directly from the Recording List.

Precaution The multiple monitors must be arranged in the same line, in a square or rectangle shape for a normal and successful screen recording. If not, RecMaster won’t record correctly.

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