Two Ways to Remove Logos or Watermarks from a Video While Screen Recording

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Do you often find yourself frustrated by logos or watermarks interrupting the content of your videos? In this guide, we’ll explore two effective methods to eliminate unwanted logos or watermarks from your videos using RecMaster’s screen recording capabilities. Let’s dive in and discover how you can clean up your videos effortlessly.  After reading, you will find it easy to remove logos or watermarks from a video with RecMaster.

Two Ways to Remove Logos or Watermarks from a Video While Screen Recording

Why You Need to Remove Logos or Watermarks?

Logos or watermarks can hinder the overall quality and appeal of video content. Removing them becomes essential, especially in professional presentations, content creation, or when sharing personal videos.

Method 1: Recording the Screen to Remove Logos or Watermarks

To begin, let’s utilize RecMaster’s screen recording and delogo feature:

1. Download and Install RecMaster

Start by downloading and installing RecMaster on your computer.

Free Download RecMaster Windows Trial       Free Download RecMaster Mac Trial

2. Configure RecMaster’s Settings

Set up RecMaster for screen recording, ensuring optimal settings. There are 7 recording modes you can choose from. You can choose the Full-Screen mode to record the entire screen. Or, if you hope to record videos from video-sharing websites like YouTube, you can choose Custom Area.

RecMaster Main UI

3. Open the Video

Launch the video containing the unwanted logo or watermark.

4. Start Screen Recording

Drag to select the recording area, initiate RecMaster’s screen recording, and play the video segment with the logo.

Custom Area

5. Stop Recording

Finish recording the desired segment by pressing the stop button or Alt+2. The recorded files will be listed on the recording list automatically.

6. Edit the recorded video and Delogo

On the recording list, you can press the scissors button to enable the Editor where you can remove the logo or watermark.

Editor - Delogo

On the Editor, press the Delogo icon and drag the delogo area to the logo or watermark section. You can drag the edge to enlarge or shrink it to fit the size.

Pressing “Complete”, you can export the edited video. Then, you can play or locate the delogoed video.


You will find the logo erased on the output video.

Method 2: Overlapping Technique to Remove Logos or Watermarks

Alternatively, consider the overlapping technique using RecMaster:

1. Configure RecMaster’s Overlapping Feature

You can use the Watermark feature to set an image to overlap with the logo or watermark.

You can go to Menu>> Settings>> Advanced>> Watermarks, and enable the Image watermark.

Overlapping to remove logos or watermarks

Press on the Preview button and drag the image to the section of the logo or watermark and confirm.

Watermark Preview

2. Open the Video

Launch the video with the logo or watermark.

3. Start Screen Recording with Overlap

Choose Custom Area mode, drag the area to record, and press REC or Alt+1 to start the recording. You will record the video and overlap a section (watermark) to cover the logo or watermark. The watermark cannot be seen during the recording, but you will find it in the recorded video.

4. Save the Video

Stop the recording by pressing the stop button or Alt+2. The file will be saved to the recording list where you can play, rename, edit, delete, locate, upload, and merge.


5. Edit the video if necessary

If you still find the video not perfect, you can also edit to delogo, trim, cut, or add subtitles to the video.

Comparing Methods and Best Use Cases

Each method has its advantages:

  • Method 1: Offers a clean removal but may require more precise timing.
  • Method 2: Utilizes an overlay, effective for continuous display but can obscure some video content.

Choose the method that best suits your specific video and removal needs.


Removing logos or watermarks from videos is made simpler with RecMaster’s screen recording capabilities. Whether you opt for direct removal or the overlapping technique, RecMaster empowers you to enhance the quality of your video content. Try these methods and elevate your video viewing experience by eliminating unwanted distractions.

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