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Start Your Vlog Journey with a YouTube Recorder

YouTube, as the second most visited site following its big brother Google, has a huge yet growing still user base on both common viewers and first-time registered creators. But as a rule, this kind of social media sites or say online video platforms (OVPs) only aim to provide a place for file uploading, sharing and watching, but do not give users video creation tool to do screencast nor allow us to straight download videos from them for privacy reasons. That’s why many video producers and viewers are in badly need of YouTube Recorder.

  • 2,000,000,000

    Monthly active users of YouTube

    Monthly active users

  • 1,000,000,000

    Daily watching hours of YouTube

    Daily watching hours

  • 720,000

    Daily upload hours of YouTube

    Daily upload hour

  • $15,000,000,000

    Annual revenue of YouTube

    Annual revenue

Since its birth in 2005 and acquisition by Google in the next year, YouTube has made a series of changes and improvements to keep pace in the fast-changing digital world and continue its own way of survival, such as the content cooperation with CBS, Vevo and alike corporation sites, the new video types support including 4K/8K/HDR/3D/360 degree standard and HEVC/AV1 codec, the pilot and carrying out of premium projects like YouTube Premium (formerly known as Music Key and YouTube Red in order) and YouTube TV, the release of mobile apps e.g. YouTube Kids/YouTube Gaming/YouTube Music/YouTube Go/YouTube Live, as well as the phasing out of Classic Studio and introducing of new YouTube Studio which is especially designed for independent video maker and streamer... Recently, YouTube announced an upcoming launching of its TikTok similar short video app called YouTube Shorts, in which the using of licensed music to homemade video seems to be possible. However, before the arrival of Shorts, creating creative content for YouTube is not so convenient anyway. Now the easiest way to start a personal YouTube channel is shared, which is exactly making screen video on your PC or Mac via screencasting.

How to Record Computer Screen for Uploading to YouTube

Early in May 2019, over 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube per minute. No matter you want to join into this big vlogging party with Let’s Play, how-to tutorial and similar teaching or idea-sharing video, or simply need to document some on-screen activities and store it on YouTube for free, you can do it with RecMaster in this way by using either of its recording modes.

  • Record gameplay icon Record gameplay icon Record Gameplay
  • Record full screen icon Record full screen icon Record Full Screen
  • Record customized area icon Record customized area icon Record Partial Screen
  • Record webcam icon Record webcam icon Record Webcam
  • 1

    Open RecMaster and choose “Game Mode” or “Full Screen” computer and do settings on format, fps, quality, audio, webcam, mouse cursor etc.


    Run your PC game first in full screen or windowed mode, LOL, Minecraft, Overwatch, CS:GO, Call of Duty, just to name a few.


    Start and end the game capture for YouTube with buttons or shortcuts.

    Finished YouTube video recording

    Rename, edit and upload it onto YouTube directly from recorder software.

    Play video icon Cover of recording gameplay with RecMaster
  • 1

    Prepare your desktop well beforehand and open RecMaster screen recorder to go ahead.


    Choose “Full Screen” mode on the main UI and then define the video format, quality, frame rate, audio source, webcam feed, mouse cursor etc.


    Click the red button or press hotkeys (Alt+1 for Windows, Command+1 for Mac) to start and stop.

    Finished YouTube video recording

    Preview, rename and edit if necessary. RecMaster gives one-click uploading screen video to YouTube.

    Play video icon Cover of recording full screen with RecMaster
  • 1

    Open RecMaster and click “Custom Area” or its top-left-corner “Mobile Phone Mode” to select and confirm the section.


    Then on the secondary main interface, you can check the precise width * height and decide video format/quality/fps, webcam overlay, audio etc.


    Start and stop the video recording with button or hotkeys (Alt+1 for PC, Command+1 for Mac) to start and stop.

    Finished YouTube video recording

    From the recording list, you can preview, rename, cut and upload the final video to YouTube at one go.

    Play video icon Cover of recording customized area with RecMaster
  • 1

    Make sure your computer has at least one workable integrated or external webcam.


    Open RecMaster and click “Webcam” to pop up a Webcam window on which you are allowed to choose webcam and resolution as you like.


    Start the facecam capture on this pop-up window or quit it to do more settings and begin recording on main UI.

    Finished YouTube video recording

    Stop it when your presentation is over and from the recording list, you can preview, rename, cut and upload the final video to YouTube at one go.

    Play video icon Cover of recording webcam with RecMaster

How to Save Content from YouTube Channel, Live, Music etc

Millions of people watch YouTube video on a daily basis. According to related statistics from both official and third-party sites like Statista, Emarkerter, and Social Blade, it’s easy to draw that video of music, gaming, and movie are three top viewed video categories. Then videos concentrating on kids, sports, animals, comedies, how-to tutorials, entertainment are delivering better performance on the top three’s heels.

From time to time, there must be some newly released elegant or hot singles, gorgeous movie trailers, interesting children clips, informative video guides, brilliant game walkthrough or thought-provoking vlogs you come across and want to keep them to local media library/USB for offline watching, for example on the wireless fly trip, or to burn onto CD/DVD. At this time, you will be faced with two choices to rip YouTube: download or record.

YouTube Downloader


1:1 download YouTube original available video or audio without file conversion or transcoding.

Most downloaders is able to get the job done with only a video link.

Download speed depends on real internet speed.


Only support general video-on-demand contents.

Unable to download some YouTube videos because of parsing failure/error.

Quite many free downloaders are unstable and insecure due to extra pup-ups, redirects or malware.

Top picks:

4K Video Downloader, JDownloader,, KeepVid, Freemake Video Downloader ...

YouTube Recorder


Workable for all YouTube unlocked videos, incl. both new & old VOD videos and live streams.

Users are enabled to record any YouTube video into mainstream video or audio format at desired

Do real-time file cropping, cutting, merging to save time for further edits.

100% stable and safe


Require video processing/re-encoding during capture.

Top picks:

RecMaster, Snagit, Screencast-o-matic, OBS Studio, Screencastify ...

Step-by-step Guide on Saving Video / Audio from YouTube on Computer

No matter you are using YouTube downloader or recorder to move online streaming onto your hard drive for personal fair usage, internet connection is a must-have. Now that you are ready, you can take the following guides as a reference.

  • Record YouTube video to MP4 Record YouTube video to MP4 Record YouTube Video to MP4
  • Record YouTube video to MP3 Record YouTube video to MP3 Record YouTube Video to MP3
  • Record YouTube video to other formatds Record YouTube video to other formatds Record YouTube to Other Formats
  • Download YouTube video Download YouTube video Download YouTube to MP4/MP3 etc
  • 1

    Download, install and launch RecMaster on your Window or Mac machine.


    Choose “Full Screen” or “Custom Area” according to your actual demand, and then confirm MP4 video format, quality and fps. Do turn system sound on (unless you want an muted video), turn webcam and microphone off.


    Navigate to target YouTube video, set for its playback and then play it.

    Finished YouTube video recording

    Click REC or use hotkeys to start video recording. You can pause, resume and stop at any time.

    Play video icon Cover of recording YouTube to MP4
  • 1

    Set RecMaster up on your Windows computer and then open it up. (Mac version currently doesn’t have MP3 option.)


    Choose “Audio Only” on RecMaster’s main UI and then on the next interface, pick MP3 as the recording format, turn System sound on with a proper volume, and turn microphone off.


    Go to YouTube site, head to the music or other type of video you want to extract audio from.

    Finished YouTube video recording

    Click red button or press default hotkeys “Alt+1” (adjustable) to start audio ripping. And stop it when the sound is over.

    Play video icon Cover of recording YouTube to MP3
  • 1

    Set RecMaster for example: it’s able to record YouTube into AVI/FLV/WAV on Windows and MOV/M4V/M4A/CAF on Mac.


    Choose “Full Screen”, “Custom Area” or “Audio Only” first and then select either of above mentioned format.


    Do other settings like video quality/fps, saving path, hotkeys. Scheduled capture is also available.

    Finished YouTube video recording

    Play the video and make RecMaster start to grab its video or audio right away.

    Play video icon Cover of recording YouTube to other formats
  • 1

    Cherry pick a clean safe YouTube downloader service, (Firefox) plugin or app to use. Here is taken as a target tool.


    Navigate to the video, playlist or channel page you want to download on YouTube, then copy it full link starting with “https://”.


    Go back to YouTube Downloader’s interface and paste the video link into address bar to have downloader parse it.

    Finished YouTube video recording

    When it’s parsed successfully, all available download options will be listed. You are allowed to download either at you like. If failed to parse, you should try other apps.

    Play video icon Cover of downloading YouTube directly

Note: If you’d like to record any YouTube live stream while being away from PC, utilize “Task Schedule” to create future capture task and automate it on the dot.

Scheduled recording iconWhy Does Task Schedule Matter for YouTube (Live Streaming) Video Capture?

All live events take place at their own schedules. If they have time conflict with your work or learning, catching up with the long awaited show will become a challenge, especially when the broadcaster won’t show the archived video in public afterwards. You can take everything under your control with the aid of RecMaster’s scheduled capture functionality to obtain the live concert, sports championship, and so forth videos permanently. Specifically, RecMaster for Windows enables you to pre-define the start and end time of recording while RecMaster for Mac empowers you to auto-stop recording at a certain duration, and still save it every fixed file size or length if the live streaming lasts so long.

Question mark iconYouTube downloader vs. YouTube recorder, who’s even better?

Speaking of “YouTube downloader vs. YouTube recorder, which one is superior to the other one?”, an unbiased conclusion is that: On one hand, since YouTube downloader, especially the online ones, offers an instant way indeed to download YouTube to MP4/MP3 while most of them are full of unknown and offensive "extras" to disturb your download or even harm your PC, it’s more safer to employ a desktop app. On the other hand, on account of all YouTube downloaders have the “dead zone” of support, YouTube recorder should be a go-to backup to record video/audio from YouTube seamlessly.


Is It Legal/Illegal to Download, Convert, or Record YouTube Video?

Is it legal to record, download or transform YouTube video? Strictly speaking and technically, if the video content is original creative work and copyright protected, it’s not legal to make a copy of it without the permission of video author or owner. And any file downloading, conversion or capture behavior would be infringement.

Therefore, you are suggested to subscribe YouTube’s premium account to make a download of any music, movie, personal video legally for watching offline. Only when your location or region is out of such premium available places or even the subscribed account are unable to keep media locally should you take other approaches as an alternative way out. Also, regardless of the downloader/converter/recorder you leverage, do keep an eye on “fair usage” and don’t distribute or make profit with the downloaded/converted/recorded file.

What If You’re Unable to Download or Convert YouTube Video?

Many YouTube downloaders and converters, say x2convert, y2mate, savefrom, YTD/4K Video Downloader, YouTube to and ytmp3, usually involve users into a failure result because they cannot analyze a portion of YouTube videos with their URLs, they are shut down on account of music industry’s pressure, they rip a corrupted/soundless file from YouTube, or they are just dangerous sites full of ads, redirects and similar. At this time, you can try several more programs of different types, or straight rely on 100% working, stable and safe recorder to transform online media to local space.

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