How to Screen Record without Showing the Screen Recorder?

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There are many people interested in hidden screen recording. Some hope to record the pure screen without showing any screen recording software. Some others hope to record their on-screen activities as video logs. Besides, some parents hope to keep track of their children’s on-screen usage to ensure they are safe. In this article, we will cover the useful tools and steps of screen record without showing the screen recorder.

How to Screen Record without Showing the Screen Recorder?

The Best Tool for Hidden Screen Recording

RecMaster is a powerful screen recording tool. It offers numerous benefits, including ease of use and advanced features, and most importantly, it supports recording and operating without showing the interface. After the proper settings, users won’t notice that the screen is recorded.

Step-by-Step Guide to Screen Recording without Showing the Screen Recorder

Step 1: Download and Install RecMaster

First, download RecMaster from its official website. Follow the installation instructions. The process is straightforward and quick.

Free Download RecMaster Windows Trial       Free Download RecMaster Mac Trial

Step 2: Setting Up RecMaster

Launch RecMaster after installation. You’ll be greeted with an intuitive interface. Explore the initial settings to configure them according to your needs.

On Screen - How to Screen Record without Showing the Screen Recorder?

Step 3: Configuring RecMaster for Hidden Recording

Two ways to perform hidden recording with RecMaster

1. Hide RecMaster with hotkeys.

In this way, you can choose any mode according to your need and operate the recording with hotkeys.

To hide or show the RecMaster window, you can use Alt + d.

For more hotkeys, you can navigate to Menu>> Settings>> Hotkeys.

Hotkeys - How to Screen Record without Showing the Screen Recorder?

2. Start the recording hiddenly at the RecMaster launch or computer start-up.

Navigate to Menu>> Auto Record>> Auto-record, and then you can choose to auto-record in full screen upon RecMaster launch. Next, you can tick the option of “Start recording in the background.” In that case, the next time you launch RecMaster, the RecMaster window will not show and it will start recording automatically. You can set it to be effective only once or always.

Auto Record - How to Screen Record without Showing the Screen Recorder?

If you hope RecMaster to start the hidden recording as soon as the computer starts, you can follow the steps below.

After setting the Auto Record, navigate to Menu>> Settings>> General>> Tick the option of “Automatically start the software at boot”. Then, you will be able to screen record without showing the Screen Recorder as soon as the computer starts.

For detailed steps, you can refer to How to Set RecMaster to Record Automatically at Computer Startup.

Step 4: Set RecMaster to Save Files in Segments for Hidden Screen Recording

Saving files in segments helps avoid errors, crashes, or power-off issues during the recording. And it’s very easy to set up.

Navigate to Menu>> Auto Record >> Segment, and then you can set RecMaster to save files automatically in segments by duration or file size.

Segment Recording


Why RecMaster is Ideal for Hidden Screen Recording

User-Friendly Interface

RecMaster’s interface is designed to be user-friendly. The setup process is easy, and the controls are intuitive.

Advanced Features

RecMaster provides high-quality video recording. It offers customizable hotkeys and a stealth mode. Editing and annotation tools are also available for post-recording tweaks.

Reliability and Performance

RecMaster performs reliably even during long recordings. It uses minimal system resources, ensuring stable performance.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Accidentally Showing the Recorder Interface

Always double-check your settings before starting a recording. Practice using the hotkeys to ensure the interface remains hidden.

Interruptions During Recording

Avoid notifications and pop-ups by disabling them beforehand. Ensure no background processes interfere with the recording.

Advanced Tips for a Professional Recording

Using Keyboard Shortcuts Effectively

Customize hotkeys in RecMaster to suit your workflow. Smooth control over the recording process enhances the final output.

Post-Recording Editing

Basic editing can help remove any accidental interface display. RecMaster’s built-in tools make this process easy.


Recap of Key Steps

To record without showing the recorder, follow these steps: download and install RecMaster, set it up, configure for hidden recording, prepare your system, and record using hotkeys.

Final Thoughts

Using RecMaster ensures a professional screen recording experience. Share your feedback and experiences with RecMaster to help others.


Can I use RecMaster on any operating system?

Yes, RecMaster is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

How do I update RecMaster?

Check for updates within the software. Follow the prompts to update RecMaster to the latest version.

Is there a free version of RecMaster?

RecMaster offers a free trial. Check the official website for details on available plans.

What if my screen recording shows the interface by mistake?

Use RecMaster’s editing tools to remove any accidental interface display. Re-record if necessary.

How can I contact RecMaster support?

Visit the official RecMaster website for support options and resources. Contact details are available there for any assistance needed.

With these steps and tips, you can effectively screen record without showing the screen recorder using RecMaster. Enjoy a seamless and professional recording experience.

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