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Recording Task

This article is to show you detailed information about setting recording task and auto-recording. With the features introduced here, you can easily set RecMaster to perform better for your need.

For example, the Segment section helps set to record and save videos in segments according to file size or duration as the recording goes on. This helps reduce the chance to lose data if there are recording or storage errors while recording.

While the auto recording feature helps set RecMaster to start recording automatically at the software start-up (hidden or with the interface). And once working with the Automatically Start RecMaster at the boot option, you can set it to record as soon as the computer starts.

And what’s more, with the scheduler, you can easily set RecMaster to start or end a recording at a specific time. And this helps record the lectures, webinars, and online events when you don’t have time to stay with the computer.

Please find the detailed introductions below.

Where to find the Recording Task window?

You can go to Menu>> Auto Record to launch the Recording Task window.

And there are three tabs on it, Segment, Auto Record, and Schedule.


Feature Introduction

This feature enables you to save the recorded files into segments as the recording is going on. You can set it to save separate files by file size or duration.

Common usage scenarios

  • While saving your recordings directly to a removable drive, you may need to control the size of each video file. For example, a FAT32 format hard drive only accepts files less than 4GB.
  • If you need to record online course series of a specified length, segmented recording is a great option.
  • And as said above, you will also need the feature to avoid data loss due to recording errors during the recording since RecMaster will save separate files as it’s recording.

How to use

After you choose a recording mode, you can go to Menu>> Auto Recording>> Segment>> Enable segment recording(No disturbing on the screen recording status). Then, you can choose “By recording time” and enter the time interval for segment recording, such as every 2 minutes. If you have a file size requirement, you can select “By file size” and enter the desired individual file size.

If you select “Effective only once“, only the next recording will be saved in segments; if you select “Always in effect“, each subsequent recording will be automatically saved as 2 minutes of video content.

After setting, click the REC button to start recording.



The Auto-record feature is divided into two types: Auto-start recording and Auto-end recording.

Auto-start recording

Feature Introduction

Auto-record in full screen upon RecMaster launch (hidden or with RecMaster interface).

Common usage scenarios

You can set RecMaster to start recording as soon as it’s started and no need to do the settings every time.

And what’s more, if you also set RecMaster to start at boot, you can make it auto-record at the computer start. This will help you record automatically and save simultaneously as your computer usage record.

How to use

Go to Menu>> Auto Recording>> Auto-record, and then enable “Auto-record in full screen upon RecMaster launch”.

If you select “Start recording in the background. Press “Alt+d” to show up”, the recording process will be performed hidden with no interface or icon shown on the screen. And if you hope to exit without a perception interface, you can use the boss key to show the main interface.

The default boss key shortcut is “Alt+d“, and you can change it in “Settings“>> “Hotkeys“.

auto record start

If you want to turn on the automatic recording at boot, you need to enable Automatically start the software at boot at the same time by going to Menu>> Settings>> General>> Boot.


If you are using a laptop, please go to the Windows “Task Scheduler” and set RecMaster to start no matter whether the laptop is with AC power or not.

Auto-end recording

Feature Introduction

You can set the end time or full size of the auto recording here. It helps stop the recording automatically when the recorded file reaches the set length/size.

Common usage scenarios

If you already know the length of the video you want to record or have determined the maximum video size that can be uploaded, then this feature is perfect for you.

How to use

Go to Menu>> Auto Recording>> Auto-record>> choose “End recording automatically“. And enter the duration of the timed end recording. For example, “01 h 00 m 00 s“.

And then in the next recording, when the duration reaches 1 hour, the software will automatically stop recording the file and save the recorded 1-hour file.

Or you can input the size of the recorded file, for example, “100MB“. And then the software will automatically stop recording and save the recorded file when the file size reaches 100MB in the next recording.

After the recording, you can set it to turn off the computer, or do nothing.

Auto record end


Feature Introduction

This feature helps set recording tasks according to the start time and end time settings. You can also set the tasks to repeat by days.

Common usage scenarios

If you already know the start time and end time of a webinar or online course that you can’t attend, you can set up recording tasks in advance and watch back the videos when you are free.

How to use

Go to Menu>> Auto Recording>> Schedule. Then, click on the blue Create button.


Enter the task name, set the start time and end time, and select the recording mode and audio source.

If you need to set up a recurring recording, check the Repeat time in the scheduled task creation screen.

After confirming, open the page you want to record, and keep RecMaster on.

Create schedule


  1. Schedule tasks can only be created and set when the software is not recording.
  2. Segment recording can be set simultaneously with both Auto Record tasks and Scheduled tasks. For example, you can set an auto-end time of 2 hours in the Auto Record tab, and enable segment recording at the same time to save video files every 10 minutes.
  3. Schedule tasks and Auto-Record cannot be set simultaneously since they will cause conflicts.


In conclusion, the Recording Task window is newly added since version 2. And with the features on the Recording Task window, you can set RecMaster to work automatically which will greatly release your time and effort on screen recording. Enjoy it!

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