How to Record League of Legends? Using Replays or Game Recorder

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Cultural circles of LOL are exuberant on the Internet. Derivatives like game strategies, stories between champions, and events of great matches all capture players’ attention. Now it is not the in-game stuff that matter, gamers have urgent demands over game recording to share their highlights with their friend, or, say, to review one of the most pitiful matches and get improved. Gameplay recordings are frequently seen on LOL game anchors’ YouTube channels, but if players get tired of them and they want to produce their own gameplay videos, there are two ways to create brilliant lol clips. The first one is to leverage the built-in features of LOL to record. Another is to record real-time gameplay by dint of screen recorders.

record League of Legends

● How to Make Videos of Your Highlights and Playbacks

Download High lights Clips with In-Game System Riot Has Set Up.

Riot has prepared an internal recorder to record League of Legends. Every time you finish your matches, Riot saves them automatically. If you want to share your highlights with others, your clips are just several clicks away. Here are the steps:

1. When a match ends, download the clip from Highlights. Open your client > go to your Profile > find the clip you want to save > click the button circled as the picture suggested.

LOL save highlights

2. Now the clip is saved to your computer successfully. The clip folder then will be brought up (You can also find the recording in C:\Users\\Documents\LeagueofLegends\Highlights). Here something goes wrong – all your Highlights clips are in WBEM format, which means you can’t open it directly.

3. For gamers who are experts at games and suckers at computer tricks, WBEM is definitely a mountain hinders you to watch any playbacks. Here I suggest gamers to leverage a third-party website called Convertio. No need to log in or register, users only need to drag the WBEM clip into the processor and they will get clips in MP4, which format allows you to open your replays directly.

Download Playbacks (Your own playbacks and others’ playbakcs):

It is easy to find out where your playbacks lie in.

The procedures just resemble those of Highlights’. Open Client > Profile > Match History > find your target replay and hit the circled button in the picture below for downloading, hit it twice for playback. What if you want to download the replays for reviewing at any time?

LOL save playbacks

Here are the steps to record League of Legends by downloading in-game playbacks.

Open My Computer > Disc C > Documents > League of Legends > Replays. This is the workflow to find the file of your playbacks.

Something goes wrong again. These files Riot saved to your PC can not be opened.

playback error of LOL saved video

It seems that Riot is not prepared well in allowing gamers to share their playbacks to one another. But don’t worry, with the solution given below, you will be able to download clips and run them locally. This approach is all about seeking a latent and magic shortcut.

Here are the procedures:

Disc C > Riot Game > League of Legends > RADs > Solutions > lol_game_client_sln > releases > this file stores the most current patch of LOL, now continue to click a file in this folder > deploy > Congratulations we arrive at our destination! Can you see the shining LOL icon with magic?

LOL save replay shortcut

Now, right-click the icon LOL and choose “create a shortcut”. Cut this shortcut and put it on your desktop.

Fumble out the clips of playback, drag it and drop it on the shortcut and guess what, we are able to watch replays locally! Now get started to announce it to your friends and share your clips right away.

Precaution: Only playbacks that accord with the current patch are available. e.g. if your client is patched in 10.1, the playbacks you want to download have to from 10.1 as well.

If you think beneath this long and technological approach and don’t want to be restricted by Patch factors, there is a last resort to record LOL gameplay that is to take advantage of a third-party screen recorder to record real-time gameplay, not replays.

● How to Record Your LOL Gameplay with Screen Recorders

Record with a screen recorder

RecMaster is a third-party screen recorder with integrated features in recording PC games. It fundamentally has 5 recording modes: Full Screen recording, Custom Area recording, Webcam recording, Game recording and Audio-Only recording serving well users’ demands. Editing features comprise useful annotation tools helping to add enhancement to your footage. Beyond that, a simple built-in editor for clipping and trimming helps you to cut unwanted fragments.

Record LOL with RecMaster

RecMaster is designed for game recording. Used to record PUBG and Fortnite, RecMaster supports recording at 60 FPS with up to 4K resolution. Besides, with proper settings, you can achieve a no-lag recording. What’s more, the recorder is lightweight so that it would not affect the game. Now let’s see its capability to record league of legends.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

1. Steps: Open RecMaster and Select Game Mode.

Select Game Mode

2. Tweak the settings. Make sure to turn on System Sound (capture the sounds in games) and turn off Microphone sound (avoid the capture of unnecessary sounds).

Settings for LOL recording

3. Feel free to add annotations.

annotation tool of RecMaster

4. Check the footage in the Recording List.

5. Edit your footage. RecMaster provides simple clipping and trimming for users.

Optimization tricks (in-game settings and PC settings)

Good conditions of the game promise the production of high-quality videos. Let’s take a look at some optimization tricks. Firstly there are some changes we can make on PC settings for increasing LOL performance.

  1. Uninstall unnecessary applications and spare space for LOL’s operations
  2. Hit Start and go to Power Option. In the interface of Power Plan you should select High Performance rather than Balanced. This action is about to bring more energy waste but it definitely increase your game performance.
  3. Call out Task Manager, disable antivirus and firewall.
  4. Also in the Task Manager interface, click Details > look for League of Legends.exe > right click to set priority > high.
  5. Find LOL’s icon on your desktop > right click it and go to Open file location > right click again on the LOL.exe from the folder > properties > Compatibility > hit disable Full screen optimizations

Then it comes to in-game settings.

  1. First on the client interface awaits two places to change. Check “close client during game” and “enbable low spec mode”.
  2. Now enter a match, open control bar and go to Video. Close Shadow > Anti-Aliasing > Wait for vertical sync. Frame Rate Cap: uncapped.
  3. Turn character quality and environment quality to medium (turn to Low if necessary).
  4. Don’t underestimate the influence of sounds, turn off sound completely, it takes away FPS.

BTW, FPS in a match decreases with time, reboot every 30 minutes could solve this problem.


There are basically two ways to record League of Legends. With LOL built-in function to record Highlights and Replays and use RecMaster to record real-time gameplay. Both methods perfectly meet with gamers’ demands over recording gameplay. If you don’t want to learn about the length steps in the first method, we highly recommend you to use the screen recorder to record lol games.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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