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How to Edit and Share Recording with RecMaster

How to Edit Recording with RecMaster

If you’ve completed one recording with RecMaster, the editing becomes extremely easy. Supposing that it may be the first time for you to use RecMaster, the guidance will start with how to record with RecMaster.

Step 1: Launch RecMaster on your computer

Free download RecMasterfree download RecMaster for Mac

Step 2: Choose recording mode and make configuration
There are multiple recording modes for you to choose from. Full screen, Custom area, Game mode, Program Window, Follow Cursor, Webcam, and Audio only are the common options while the Game mode is momentarily unique for Windows users. After that, you need to configure parameters like quality, frame rate, webcam…

Step 2 choose a recording mode

Attention: Audio editing is not supported by RecMaster. So if you’re going to edit the recording file after recording, you are suggested to choose other modes.

Step 3: Start and end
Simply click the REC button to start and when it’s time to over you need to press the stop menu.

Step 4: Find the recording file
The recorded file will automatically pop up if it’s the first time you to use RecMaster. Generally, you need to move to Recording list and find out the recorded file.

step 4 find the recording file


Step 5: Choose the edit feature

step 5 choose the edit feature

Step 6: Play and trim
Choose the Cut function and then additionally cut unnecessary clips. When everything is done, choose Merger & Export as your final choice.

step 6 edit the recordings


Now you have finished editing the recording.

How to Share Recording with RecMaster

There are two feasible ways to share recordings with RecMaster: direct-upload and save to local. You can know as below.

Direct – Upload:
RecMaster supports one-click uploads to YouTube and Google Drive. If you’re going to share the recorded file to these platforms, you can depend on this feature in the Recording list interface.

upload recordings


Save to local:

Click the Settings menu to see the storage path. By default, recording files are saved to C:\RecMaster recording folder. You are also allowed to change the resolution as you like. In this way, you can freely share and upload files without a platform limit.

save to local


Now you can freely edit and share recordings with RecMaster.

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