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How to Add Watermark into Recording on Windows

Short video increases dramatically in recent years and many people even make a living through creating short videos. At the same time, sharing videos to social platforms like YouTube, TikTok becomes a new fashion among the public. To let video viewers know the creator of the content to boost popularity or protect your video from being copied by someone else, you are suggested to add watermark into recording.

RecMaster supports the addition of watermark by setting it before video recording. And the whole process is very simple and quick. Read on to know how to add watermark into recording.

Step 1: Freely download the software from the official website and follow the wizard to complete installation. Once installation is finished, open and run RecMaster on your computer.

free download RecMaster for Windows

Step 2: To add watermark automatically to any of your future video recordings, you need to preset it in Settings.
Click the Settings button to proceed to the relevant panel of the program.

Settings button in full screen interface

Step 3: Set your watermark
Switch to Watermark window by clicking the corresponding button.
There are two forms of watermark Text watermark and Image watermark.

Set watermark in Settings

● Set Text watermark
Choose Text watermark menu, it will appear five related settings.

Text: Add any wanted word to be used as watermark.
Text font: Change Font type, style and size to meet your needs.
Text color: There are Basic colors and Custom colors choices for you to choose.
Transparency: Set transparency parameter from 0 to 100. The higher parameter is, the more transparent the watermark will be.
Position: It offers 9 available positions for watermark and you can apply at will.

Combine these settings according to your actual requirements and the click Apply button to save changes.
Text watermark settings

● Set Image watermark
There are three accessible choices for Image watermark.

Image: You need to add an image as the image watermark from the local storage.
Transparency: Command image transparency from 0 to 100.
Position: It also empowers you to set image in 9 different positions. ( left top, middle top, right top, Left middle, middle, right middle, left bottom, middle bottom, right bottom)

Check all the setting and press Apply to save these changes.

Image watermark settings

From now on your video will contain your watermark. If you need to disable the watermark, just go back to Settings and check the No watermark option.

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