How to Record Minecraft (Dungeons/Earth) on PC or Mac

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Guide on How to Record Minecraft on Computer

How to record Minecraft (Dungeons/Earth)gameplay footage on Windows (10) PC or Mac for sharing online later on as Let’s Play, reaction, review, tutorial or similar… You have more than one way to go.

Minecraft, a cross-platform sandbox video game from Mojang Studio, is the best-selling game of all time. According to the latest report in May 2020, this game has been sold over 200 million copies and the number of monthly active users reaches to 126 million, an increase of 35 million over the same period last year. We have to admit that 11 years later since the debut into the world, Minecraft has delivered an excellent paper to both itself and the game industry.

With more and more players joining into the big Minecraft party, Minecraft-related content, typically the video content, is becoming the leading role of video game hub. That makes video sharing sites like YouTube a resort for both famed game streamers and general public. If you are such a gamer and want to screen capture Minecraft (house/survival tutorial, song etc.) on your Windows (10) or Mac computer, here are some decent Minecraft recording software you can rely on.

1. How to Record Minecraft with RecMaster Gaming Recorder

RecMaster is one of the best game recorders for PC and Mac. With multiple recording modes including Game Mode, Full Screen, and Custom Area, it can help you grab Minecraft sessions perfectly at will. Below are the detailed steps. Before walking them through, you are suggested to free download RecMaster and set it up by following the prompt.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 1. Launch and choose the right mode

Open RecMaster on desktop and depending on you system, you will see five or four recording modes. Since more users proceed their PC games on Windows machine, only Windows version of RecMaster has Game Mode specifically.

Free RecMaster

Full Screen, Custom Area or Game Mode, you can choose either video capture mode to continue the recording. The difference is Full Screen films the whole display from very start while Custom Area needs you to select the region to capture manually. Game Mode for Windows is designed with better game recording performance with no or less lag. But unluckily, it’s better at recording LOL, Fortnite and alike DirectX games to date and as to Minecraft or other non-Directx games, you need to test before the real capture.

Step 2. Specify for the recording
All video recording modes share the same setting options, so let’s simply take a look at Full Screen settings.

Record Minecraft with RecMaster Full Screen Mode

  1. Monitor pick
    When you have multiple monitors connected for work or entertainment, choose the one that runs Minecraft. To record dual or more displays at the same time, check this guide.
  2. Video Format
    To meet various requirements, three video formats are offered for the game recording. MP4, AVI and FLV are options for Windows and MP4, MOV and M4V for macOS.
  3. Quality
    From standard to high to original quality, the quality level increases one by one. You must know that generally, with other video parameters the same or similar, the better quality, the larger file size.
  4. Frame Rate
    Variable or constant frame rate, you can keep the fps from 20 to 60fps with RecMaster. As long as you won’t create delayed slow motion clip afterwards, this fps support range is enough.
  5. Webcam, System Sound and Microphone
    Turn the corresponding setting(s) on if you want to show your facecam, to capture speaker audio and make narration. If your PC is equipped with a few cameras or mics, you are free to choose anyone as the target.

Besides these top basic settings showcasing on the main interface, there are several minor ones you can take into a consideration. Firstly, Task schedule is capable of enabling automatic recording at specific time you set. Secondary, under Settings panel, you can apply mouse cursor effect, watermark and customize the hotkey & file saving path according to your habit. At last, automatic background recording at Windows startup is possible once you tick those Auto-start settings.

Step 3. Run Minecraft and start recording
When everything is well prepared, access the game and hit REC or use Alt+1 to initiate the recording. If you worry about missing any activity, you can start first and then run the game.

Floating bar of RecMaster

During the process, RecMaster will always work in background unless you evoke it with Alt+3 hotkey. You can also type Alt+1 to pause & resume, pop up the annotation tool from floating bar (check its status under settings) to add mark or text.

Step 4. End recording, edit and upload
When Minecraft game finishes, stop it by clicking STOP button on software or pressing Alt+2 instead. Then you will see the final video located in a recording list. From this window, you are empowered to do easy edits to cut the unwanted parts off and upload Minecraft moments into YouTube directly.

Edit recorded Minecraft video

2. Some Other Minecraft Screen Recorder Programs

In case RecMaster, the beginner-friendly and third-party app, doesn’t satisfy some demands, here we also cherry-picked four top-ranked Minecraft video recorders of different kinds.

Q: Is there any free built-in utility to record Minecraft without download and install?
A: Microsoft introduces Xbox Game Bar into its Windows 10 system to capture game moments. And Mac system has QuickTime to capture on-screen activity internally. System aside, if your PC has solid graphics card from Nvidia or AMD, the developer also provides game recording service for hardware accelerated capture.

Q: Any desktop freeware to recommend for Minecraft capure?
A: OBS Studio, available for Windows, Mac and Linux, is the most powerful open source screen recorder for screen recording and enjoyed by a large number of senior users. However, there’s little official tutorial or tech support, so self-help is the must-do that every OBS user should experience.

Q: I want to record Minecraft at high frame rate like 120fps, any available program?
A: Bandicam, one of the best screen recorder for Windows, features shooting games at up to 480fps. Also, it’s compatible well with 2D/3D PC games useing DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan technologies.

Q: How to make high quality video out of screencast?
A: Set aside professional post production, it’s the excellent recording environment and proper settings that matter. To avoid a low quality screen recording, be it laggy, blurry, black screen or so, our tips are: closing unnecessary app, recording at relatively higher bit rate and fps, and don’t expect too much on low-end PC…

Ending Words

Minecraft is a hugely popular game of all ages, especially among the kids. If you are one of this online-Lego-philes and want to showcase your style of creativity and working together in this game, why not record Minecraft/Dungeons/Earth movies and share them right away?

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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