How to Magnify Screen While Recording with RecMaster?

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Hope to capture precise details on-screen? It is crucial for various tasks. This guide aims to demonstrate the process of magnifying specific areas of your screen while recording using RecMaster. By utilizing RecMaster’s magnification feature, you can enhance the clarity and focus of your recordings. Let’s start to magnify screen with RecMaster now!

How to Magnify Screen While Recording with RecMaster?

Why You Need to Magnify Screen While Recording

Magnifying or zooming in on specific areas of the screen during recordings is invaluable. It aids in emphasizing details, improving visibility, or highlighting intricate content, making your recordings more impactful and informative.

RecMaster’s Magnification Feature

RecMaster is a powerful screen recording software that offers an intuitive magnification feature. This feature allows users to precisely magnify or enlarge specific sections of the screen while recording, ensuring enhanced clarity and emphasis.

RecMaster's Magnification Feature

Step-by-Step Guide: Magnify Screen While Recording with RecMaster

Step 1: Download and Install RecMaster

Begin by downloading and installing RecMaster on your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions for a seamless installation process.

Free Download RecMaster Windows Trial       Free Download RecMaster Mac Trial

Step 2: Launch RecMaster and Set Up Recording Settings

Open RecMaster and configure the recording settings to suit your preferences. There are 7 recording modes available for you to record with clicks. However, the magnification feature is only available for the full-screen mode and custom area mode.

RecMaster UI

Ensure that the magnification feature is enabled before initiating the recording, and if you are using the custom area mode, be sure to use the magnifier in the recording area.

Two ways to enable the Magnifier

  • Enable/disable the Magnifier on the status bar.

Magnifier on Status bar

  • Enable/disable the Magnifier with the hotkeys, Alt+p.

Magnifier Hotkeys

Step 3: Open the Screen to Be Recorded

Prepare the content or application on your screen that you wish to record. Identify specific areas that require magnification for better visibility or emphasis.

Step 4: Start RecMaster’s Screen Recording

Initiate RecMaster’s screen recording feature and activate the magnification tool. You can either start the recording by clicking the REC button, or Alt+1. Moreover, you can start the magnifier with Alt+p. As you record, seamlessly magnify or enlarge the desired areas of the screen as needed. You can also use annotation tools to add numbers, draw on the screen, and more.

Step 5: Magnify Desired Areas

During the recording session, demonstrate the process of magnifying or enlarging specific sections of the screen. Highlight intricate details or emphasize critical information.

Magnify Screen while Recording

Step 6: Stop Recording and Save the Video

Once you have finished the recording and magnification process, stop the recording in RecMaster. The recorded video will be shown on the recording list. There, you can locate, rename, merge, upload, edit, and play the video. You can play it to ensure that the magnified areas are captured effectively.

Recording list

Tips for Effective Screen Magnification

  • Maintain video quality: Adjust video recording quality to retain video clarity.
  • Control transitions: Ensure smooth transitions when magnifying or enlarging areas.
  • Experiment and practice: Familiarize yourself with RecMaster’s magnification feature to achieve optimal results.


By mastering RecMaster’s magnification feature, you can elevate the quality and clarity of your screen recordings. Magnifying specific areas empowers you to emphasize details effectively, making your recordings more engaging and informative.

More Advanced Features

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

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