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How to Set Saving Folder for Recording

Have you ever been troubled by the problem to find out the recorded file? An organized storage habit will help you settle the puzzle and you can do so with RecMaster. So this post will give you ways to set saving folder for recording.

How to Set Saving Folder for Recording

Step 1: Download and install RecMaster on your computer

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 2: Get started
Now you need to select one recording mode. RecMaster comes with five options: Full screen, Custom area, Game mode, Webcam, and Audio Only. Except for the last one, others are competent for video capture. Note that Game mode is temporarily unavailable to Mac user instead you can use Full screen which works in the same way as Game mode.

Suggested recording mode for windows

Step 3: Set saving folder for recording
Directly move to Settings interface and then click General menu. The recording is saved to D:\RecMaster recording folder by default.

Find save folder in Settings

Click Destination folder to set new folder for recording and name the folder for better reference. However, Mac users can’t find this section since setting a new folder will make recording unable to play on your computer.

Change recording folder

Step 4: Do other settings
RecMaster supports screen recording with audio, capturing screen with webcam and other recording situations. In this case, you can decide parameter involved like frame rate, quality, format, webcam, system sound and microphone. If you have no exceptional requirement, you can directly use the settings by default.

Change related parameter for recording

Step 5: Start recording
Press REC or use Alt+1 as an alternative to start recording. During the recording, there is a timer along with annotation function for you. With everything done, you can manually stop this task.

Now you can find the recording file in the desired folder and organize the file as you like.

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