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How to Set Hotkeys for Recording

You can set hotkeys to invoke the recording program with RecMaster. If you don’t want to switch among several windows over and over again, then using hotkeys is an excellent way to command the software to perform the recording action. Now let’s go to the subject on how to set hotkeys both on Windows and Mac

How to Set Hotkeys on Windows

RecMaster gives four ways to trigger the recording action on Windows and users are also allowed to change the default choice as they like. Let’s begin with how to find the hotkeys windows.

Step 1: Turn on RecMaster and choose one mode.
Recording mode interface for Windows version

Step 2: Please move to Settings icon and switch to Hotkeys interface.
Default settings of hotkeys for Windows are:

Start/ Pause: Alt+1
End recording: Alt+2
Show main window: Alt+3
Hide/ Show webcam: Alt+4

Hotkeys interface in Settings for Windows version

Step 3: Change default hotkeys
RecMaster Windows version offers many combination. You can change among Alt/ Shift/ Control with number 0-9. Be careful to check the settings because the same hotkeys settings can’t run simultanpusly.

Change Hotkeys for Windows version

Now you can employ hotkeys to bring convenience to your recording.

How to set hotkeys/shortcut on Mac

RecMaster Mac version also enables user to create hotkeys settings which is called Shortcuts for Mac user.

Step 1: Click one recording mode to enter the settings interface
Recording mode for Mac version

Step 2: View default Shortcut settings
In the Shortcuts interface, you can view the fault settings of shortcuts.

Start/ Stop Recording: Command+1
Pause/ Resume Recording: Command+2
Show Main Window: Command+3
Show/ Hide Annotation: Command+H
Screenshot: Command+P

Shortcuts interface for Mac version

Step 3: Change default choice of Shortcuts
Unlike Windows version of RecMaster, as a Mac user you can only change the number to reset shortcut.

For example:
Pause/ Resume Recording: Command+2>> Command+4
Change Hotkeys for Mac version

Now you can use hotkeys/ Shortcuts to assist your recording.

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