RecMaster Refund Policy

RecMaster respects and values every customer and works hard to provide customers with an enjoyable experience of RecMaster products and services. RecMaster provides free trial version for you by “try-before-purchase” principle. By using the trial version, you can make sure that the program is compatible with your computer system and you are satisfied with it before purchasing the retail versions. All this helps customers make an informed purchase decision and avoid buying the wrong product for their needs.

If you are in one of the following cases, we can’t refund you.

* You changed your mind after purchasing the product. The product could not work well by your improper operations.

* Since we use third party payment platform to perform the purchase, we have no means to confirm whether credit card is used by card holder to purchase. Therefore we recommend credit card holder to keep the card well and reduce the chance of credit card to be used without authority. If such situation does happen, usually we won't perform refund. If customer insists on refund, we will ask our third party payment platform to deal with the issue and customer needs to provide related proof.

* You claimed that you purchased the “Wrong” product and had already purchased product from other companies.

* Neither reading the product introduction on our website nor trying product before purchase, have customers just thought the product can meet his need and purchased it, and then found that the product can't meet his need. Under this situation, we won't perform refund if customer requires it.

* When you request a refund, you never provided any detailed information including logs, screenshots of products, data original files, to assist our support team to locate the problem.

* You refuse to cooperate and try to use the solutions provided from the developer to solve the problem, we cannot refund.

* You did not receive the registration information but did not contact our support team and provided your information like order number and registered e-mail.

* You purchase RecMaster for your personal use, but your computer gets lost, stolen or broken, we cannot refund you.

* You purchased the products from our affiliate’s websites and found that the products could not satisfy you due to the incorrect descriptions and advertisement on their websites.

* You stated that you had uninstalled the products with no future use.

* You claimed the features and functions of the products but we never advertised on our website.

(Warning: All the descriptions concerning the features and functions of our products are subject to the introductions on our product pages.)

If you are in one of the following cases, we will refund you.

* The products have fatal technique problems, serious bugs and cannot be fixed in 30 days or ur support team couldn’t our support team couldn’t provide a temporary solution, we will refund.

* Duplicate orders, which was caused by the third party platform. We will refund the purchase price of the product after the further cooperation from you about the problem and the request is approved.

* Purchase wrong product by mistake and then purchase the correct one from our company at once. We will refund the wrong purchase if you require it.

We will refund the purchase price of the product after the further cooperation from you about the problem and the request is approved.

Here are some of the questions relating refund policy on getting money back:

• I am not satisfied with your product, I want to get my payment refund.

We guarantee you the money back with the purchase price of the product you mentioned, if the product meets the refund policy. Please contact our technical support about the issue you encounter in detail, and we will offer the best solution according to the condition.

• How long does it take to get the refund on my credit card statement?

The refund will appear on your credit card statement in 3 to 7 business days, if you refund request is approved. Please contact your credit card company about the statement posting, if you can not find the statement on your credit card after 15 business days.