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How to Record Custom Area with RecMaster?

Customer Area provides a flexible way to record videos in any size you like on your desktop. And this guide is to show you how to record custom area with RecMaster.

The Custom-Area Mode is one of RecMaster’s multiple fundamental recording modes. And it generally allows users to capture customized areas of their desktops with any size they like. In the meantime, it’s very easy to operate. Just within several draws and drags, a customized area can be successfully made. And then RecMaster captures everything happening in the dragged area. And you can record in rectangles or squares as you like.

Well now, let’s get through the details about how to record custom area with RecMaster.

How to Record Custom Area with RecMaster?

How to Record a Certain Area of the Computer Screen? [Windows and Mac]

1. First, download RecMaster according to your OS.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

2. Next, open RecMaster and choose the ‘Custom-Area Mode’.

Windows version:
Windows Custom-Area Mode Interface

Mac version:

Mac Version Custom-Area Mode Interface

By pressing on the Custom Area options, you can launch the Custome Area recorder.

3. Then, draw and drag to make a customized area.

Operation of Draw and Drag

Don’t worry if you can’t choose a precise size by dragging. After the area is chosen, you can either choose a size and resolution in the resolution list or drag the edges to get the exact size.

Choose a size precisely

4. Before the recording, you can configure the settings for the custom-area recording.

You can keep the default settings if you are not sure what parameters to set. And you can find some more details in the screenshots below.

Windows version:

Custom Area - Audio & Webcam settings

While on the Windows version, you can set it to record the system sound, microphone, and webcam on the main interface. To do more settings, you can go to Menu> Settings, or Menu>> Auto Recording.

RecMaster Settings

Mac version:
Mac Custom-Area Mode Settings

While on the Mac version, you can choose video quality (Original/HD/SD) > FPS (20-60, normally 30 FPS will be good enough) > Turn on the webcam or not depend on you > Audio sources (system sound and microphone sound).

But if you don’t know how to configure it, you can totally use the default settings as the picture above suggested. The reason is that RecMaster will provide the best quality with the smallest size.

5. Click REC to start recording.

In the process of recording, users are allowed to add annotations to their videos. And RecMaster provides users with a series of useful annotations including arrows, graphics, texts, whiteboards, etc.

Windows version:

Custom Area annotations

Mac version:
Annotation Tools

6. Stop the recording.

After the recording, hit the red square button on the status bar to end the custom-area recording.

Other than that, you can use Alt+2 hotkeys on Windows to stop the recording.

And the recorded video footage will be stored automatically in their local folder. You can also find the recordings on the Recording List. On the list, you can playback or edit the footage.

Ideal Occasions for Custom-Area Mode

Now you know how to record custom areas with RecMaster? While on what occasions will you need to record in custom area mode?

Please check the list we gathered as follows and get back to us if you have more.

  1. Record small-scale games like flash games or simulator games
  2. Record streaming videos on major video portal websites like YouTube
  3. Record live streams on Twitch and Mixer
  4. Record online courses
  5. Record official conferences
  6. Record multiple monitors (monitors have to be arranged in the same line)
  7. Record PC programs like PPT, Excel, etc
  8. Record mobile-sized videos for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.


In a word, the ‘Custom-Area’ mode is used for the recording of a certain area on the computer screen. It records every activity happening in the area that users have set up. This Mode has the advantage of delivering concentrated information which is good for keeping viewers focused. Another advantage is that this mode more or less protects users’ privacy of full desktop.

And what’s more,  other than the Custom Area mode, you can also record videos in Full-Screen mode, Game mode, Program Window, Webcam, Follow Cursor, and Audio-only mode.

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