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How to Use “Full Screen” to Capture the Whole Desktop

In most cases, customers simply want to keep a recording of the entire computer screen. RecMaster’s Full Screen is here to help users record the entire computer display with ease.

1. Download and Install RecMaster

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

2. Launch and Choose “Full Screen”

After installing RecMaster on your Windows or Mac computer, start this program and “Full Screen” button to move on.

Choose Full Screen Mode of RecMaster

3. Set for the Recording (Optional)

On the secondary main interface, you are free to select monitor (if you have more than one), customize video format, quality level, frame rate, webcam and what audio to capture.

Do Settings for Full Screen Recording

For more advanced settings like mouse cursor effect, watermark (Windows only), hotkeys and saving folder, navigate to Settings panel to do so.

More Advanced Settings for Full Screen Recording

4. Start Recording

Click REC button or press hotkey to start the recording, during which you can pause and resume, annotate, show or hide webcam at any time.

5. Stop Recording

Click the Stop button or press hotkey to give an end to this full screen capture.

6. Edit & Share (Optional)

The recorded file will automatically saved and listed on Recording list. Then you can play, rename, open it in folder, access to editor for easy cutting & merging, and also one-click share it to YouTube here.

Two Advanced Feature You May Need

● Scheduled Recording
If you want to enable any automatic recording at a specific time in the future, Windows users can utilize the Task schedule function to make it happen. With no limitation on recording duration or task amount, as long as the task times are not overlapped, you can create whatever scheduled full screen or other kinds of recording at will.

Full Screen Task Schedule

Mac users can use Duration tool to create an auto-stop the recording after an expected recording period.
Set a Duration Schedule on Mac

● Real-time Annotation
Bother Windows and Mac users can do real-time drawing at any time during your recording process by highlighting, adding text/arrow/shape/line etc. Mac version also offers the Whiteboard tool for note or so. This is quite useful for captures like video tutorial, course or similar. But one thing you must know is that if you hide floating toolbar’s panel when recording (which is adjustable under Settings -> Floating toolbar), you won’t have the chance to enjoy this tool.

Annotation Tool for Mac

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