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How to Record Program Window with RecMaster?

Need to record operations on a specific program window? With the newly updated RecMaster, you can record it easily with the program window mode. And as you are recording, you can use other programs in meanwhile without disturbing the recording task. How to record program window with RecMaster? Let’s check it out.

Video guide: How to Record Program Window with RecMaster?

1. Download and install RecMaster.

free download RecMaster for Windows

2. Launch the program and RecMaster.

Before you start the recording, please launch the program and RecMaster.

Launch RecMaster

3. Choose More Modes >> Program Window.

On the main interface of RecMaster, choose the program window mode.

record program window

4. Choose the program window & set the audio

Follow the picture below to choose the right program window, set the system sound and microphone.

record program window - settings

To test whether your sound and microphone are all right, please click on the “…”  buttons and click on the relative Test buttons. If you find your background noises are too annoying, you can also tick to enable Microphone Noise Reduction here.

test system sound & microphone

5. Start REC and operate on the program

After the settings, you can click on REC to start the recording and operate on the program. And you can use other programs as well. It will not disturb the main recording window. And to end the recording, you can either use the hotkeys or press the Stop button.

Recording the program window


  1. Please note that, if you’ve enabled the click sound in Settings, you may record the click sounds while operating on other programs.
  2. While recording, please don’t change the size of the window (resize, minimize, maximize, etc.), or there might be errors and the recording will be stopped.

6. Play & edit the video.

After the recording, you can play, edit, rename, & find the file location with the buttons on the recording list.

edit and play recording

The program window mode is designed to record programs with unchanged windows while operating. If the program you are recording has more than one window or the size needs to be changed, you can use Full Screen or Custom Area modes.

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