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How to Record with Webcam

RecMaster allows users to add webcams to their recordings in two ways. The first way is to record Webcam-only videos. And the second is to record in full screen, custom area, and follow-cursor mode with your face included.

Specific procedures are taking place in the configuration link.

How to Record Computer Screen with Webcam [4 Steps]?

1. Firstly, Download and install RecMaster.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

2. Secondly, choose a recording mode.
RecMaster has different main interfaces on Windows and Mac. In the Windows version, you can choose Full Screen, Custom Area, and Follow Cursor to record the computer screen with a webcam. As long as the webcam window is included in the recording area, you can record the video with your own face.

As for the Mac version of RecMaster, you can record your computer screen with a webcam in Full Screen and Custom Area modes.  And still, you need to put the webcam window into the recording area. Or you won’t be able to have it in the recorded video.

Windows version:

Windows Recording Modes Interface

Mac version:

Mac Recording Modes Interface

3. Thirdly, do the necessary options for the screen recording with a webcam.

The interface will change to options for settings.

Windows version:

Custome Area with Webcam

On the Windows version, after you choose a recording mode, you can turn on the Webcam.

While if you are recording the webcam with Custome Area mode and Follow-cursor mode, please make sure to keep it in the recording area.

And to set detailed parameters like video quality, video formats, etc., you can go to Menu>> Settings>> Video.

RecMaster Settings

Mac version:
Mac Full-Screen Settings Options

On the Mac version, this is the crucial step to adding a webcam to your footage. There, you can choose video quality (Original/HD/SD) > FPS (20-60, normally 30 FPS will be good enough) >Turn on webcam> Audio sources (system sound and microphone sound).

But if you have trouble configuring parameters, you could leave all the options unchanged but be pretty much sure to turn on the webcam.

4. Fourthly, hit REC to start recording. During the recording, users are allowed to add annotation tools to their footage.

5. At last, click the red button in the floating bar to stop recording. And your footage will be automatically saved to the local folder on your PC. You can also check the recordings in Recording List at the main interface of RecMaster.

How to Record Screen with One Webcam Shot Only?

1. Hit ‘Camera Mode’ if you are a Mac user. And for Windows users, you can choose ‘Webcam’ mode.
2. Tweak the settings of your webcam before recording.

Webcam Recording with RecMaster

Firstly, you can choose the webcam camera device to record. And here you can either choose the inner Camera or any camera you connect to your computer. Even more, you can choose to record with the camera of a mobile phone.

Next, you can select the parameters you like. It’s suggested to choose the right system audio device to record the sounds from the computer.

And then, to record the sound from your microphone,  you can choose the right Microphone device.

3. Hit REC to start recording.
4. Press the red button on the window to end the recording.

Ideal Occasions for ‘Recording with Webcam’

  1. Make tutorial videos
  2. Make demonstration videos for applications
  3. Record online courses with talking head
  4. Make reaction videos, etc

Recording with a webcam is a brilliant way to make videos more intuitive. Through the demonstration of the video creator’s talking head, pain points are delivered with efficiency.

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