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How to Record with Webcam

RecMaster allows users to add webcam to their recordings. Specific procedures are taking place in the configuration link.

How to Record Computer Screen with Webcam [4 Steps]?

1. Download RecMaster.

2. Choose a recording mode, click Full-Screen Mode.
RecMaster has different main interface on Windows and Mac. Mac version of RecMaster doesn’t possess Game Mode. So here I will exemplify Full-Screen Mode to let you know how to add webcam to you footage.

Windows Recording Modes Interface

Mac Recording Modes Interface

3. The interface will change to options for settings.
Mac Full-Screen Settings Options

Now this is the crucial step to add a webcam to users’ footages. Choose video quality (Original/HD/SD) > FPS (20-60, normally 30 FPS will be good enough) >Turn on webcam> Audio sources (system sound and microphone sound)

If you have trouble configuring parameters, you could leave all the options unchanged but be pretty much sure to turn on the webcam.
4. Hit REC to start recording. During the recording, users are allowed to add annotation tools to their footage.

5. Click the red button in the floating bar to stop recording. Users’ footages will be automatically saved to PC local folder. They can also check the recordings at Recording List at the main interface of RecMaster.

How to Record Screen with One Webcam Shot Only?

1. Hit ‘Camera Mode’ if you are a Mac user. And for Windows user, it is ‘Webcam Mode’ that should be selected.
2. Tweak the settings of your webcam before recording.

Webcam Mode Settings

First choose video format and then secondly select the audio sources. Users are suggested to turn on microphone sound to capture their real-time voices, system sound should be shut down in case

3. Hit REC to start recording.
4. Press the red button in the floating bar to end recording.

H2: Ideal Occasions for ‘Recording with Webcam’

  1. Make tutorial videos
  2. Make demonstration videos for applications
  3. Record online courses with talking head
  4. Make reaction videos, etc

Recording with webcam is a brilliant way to make videos more intuitive. Through the demonstration of video creator’s talking head, pain points are delivered with efficiency.