How to Auto Record on Your Computer?

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The auto recording is a great feature that helps save you time and effort. This guide is about how to auto-record on your computer.

Screen recording software has helped thousands of people solve the problem of work, study, and entertainment. When you need to record a webinar, record your online course for review, make a YouTube video, or create a how-to guide, a screen recorder helps you a lot. But sometimes, you may not be able to stay in front of your computer and start or end the recording manually. The auto-recording feature will be the key to solving this nuisance. If you’re looking for a way to automatically start recording or automatically end recording, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will deliver you an expected answer. We will show you how to auto-record on your computer conveniently including the auto-record in full screen upon the screen recorder launch and end the screen recording automatically at a specified duration, or file size. Let’s start learning now!

How to Auto Record on Your Computer

How to Auto Record on Your Computer with RecMaster?

When you plan to auto-record on your PC, all you need is a powerful screen recorder. RecMaster is a lightweight and full-featured video-capturing tool, which enables you to record your screen, system sound, microphone, and webcam smoothly. Its clean main interface is friendly to novices, while its rich functionality will not disappoint professional users. You can get this great recording tool by clicking on the buttons below.

Let’s take a brief look at RecMaster’s key features:

  • Provide 7 useful recording modes: Full-Screen mode, Custom Area mode, Game mode, Webcam, etc.
  • Auto recording, Segment recording, and Schedule recording
  • A built-in video editor to edit recorded videos as well as imported videos
  • Show real-time keystrokes and mouse clicks
  • Create a personal watermark and set the cursor effect

Free download RecMasterfree download RecMaster for Mac

When you download and install RecMaster successfully, you can launch it and start to auto-record on your computer. There are two easy ways to open the auto-record settings window.

Way 1: On the main interface, you can go to Menu>> Auto Recording, and the auto-record settings window will pop up.

open the auto record settings window 1

Way 2: You can also choose a recording mode you need first, and then click on the Clock icon (Task Schedule & Auto Recording) in the lower-left corner of the interface. The new window will appear at once.

open the auto record settings window 2

Now, you already know how to open the auto-record window. After that, we will show you how to set up auto-start recording and auto-end recording respectively.

How to Auto Record in Full Screen Upon RecMaster Launch?

RecMaster allows you to set to auto-record in full screen upon RecMaster launch. If you work for quality control and want to find errors or defects in your products easily by recording your computer screen or you want to record your trading system for stocks, bonds, options, or forex. Or you just want to automatically record everything that happens on your computer screen, this feature is really helpful.

Display recording status

Go to Auto-record, and you can enable Auto-record in full screen upon RecMaster launch. If you hope to show the status while recording, you only need to choose the first checkbox and select Effective only once or Always in effect.

How to Auto Record in Full Screen show status

Record in the background

If you want to start the auto-recording in the background, you can select this checkbox Start recording in the background. Press “Alt+d” to show up. When you set it like this, The RecMaster software icon will not be displayed in the system taskbar after auto-recording starts. Only when you use the Boss key “Alt+d“, you can make the recording status show on the computer screen.

How to Auto Record in Full Screen in background

If you hope to record the full screen of your computer as soon as you turn it on automatically, you can also set RecMaster to automatically turn on when you turn on your computer. Just go to Menu>> Settings>> General>> Boot. And then choose Automatically start the software at boot.

Auto start at boot

The feature we just introduced to start recording automatically by opening the software only supports full-screen recording. If you hope to auto-start and auto-stop while using different recording modes such as Custom Area mode, Webcam mode, and Audio Only mode, you can use the schedule recording feature in RecMaster. You just need to go to Menu>> Auto Recording>> Schedule, and create your recording task. This feature enables you to set the start time, end time, recording mode, and audio.

How to End Your Recording Automatically on the Computer?

Now, you have already known how to start auto record on your computer. But how to set up to end your recording automatically? Follow this article and keep learning. If you want to record an online course, a webinar, or your favorite movie or music, which has a known duration. You can use this great feature. Or your computer has very limited storage space and can only record files of a fixed size. It’s helpful as the same.

Set the recording duration

If you hope to end recording automatically by setting the recording duration. For example, you set to record a 20 seconds short video, the recording will stop automatically after 20 seconds. It all depends on the length of the video you want to record.

Set the auto recording duration

Set the recording file size

In addition to setting the length, you can also choose to set the size of the file. It helps you to organize your limited computer storage space.

Set the auto recording file size

If you hope to turn off the computer after recording automatically, you can choose to set it. If you don’t need to turn off your computer, you can choose to Do nothing after recording.

After auto recording


This guide clearly explains to you how to auto-record on your computer with RecMaster. You can use the “Auto-record in full screen upon RecMaster launch”, “Task Schedule” or “Auto end the recording” features of this simple screen recording tool. With the help of the Auto Recording feature in RecMaster, you can record almost any video or audio you want even if you don’t appear in front of the computer. Let’s follow the detailed tutorial to start auto-record on your computer!

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

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