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How to Record with Audio Only Mode on Computer

If you’re a desktop user either with Windows or Mac, you’re able to record with audio only by using the Audio Only mode of RecMaster. The audio-only mode allows you to record external and internal audio simultaneously or separately with high quality.

To begin with, you need to check the status of your audio devices. If you don’t have an external microphone, you can use the built-in microphone to record.

How to Record with Audio Only on Windows

RecMaster is available to record audio from both system sounds and microphones. So you can use it to record online lectures, music, podcasts, radio, or other things with ease.

Step 1: Download RecMaster from RecMaster’s official website or the download link below.

free download RecMaster for Windows

Step 2: Start RecMaster and choose to record with Audio only mode

Choose Audio only mode of RecMaster Windows version

Step 3: Do the settings

There are many functions in the Audio Only window.

Do settings for Audio only capture on RecMaster Windows version

System sound: It captures internal audio coming from your computer.
Microphone: It captures external audio coming from your microphone.

Task Schedule: It helps you accomplish fixed-time recording like regular meetings.
Settings: It consists of 4 parts: General/ Hotkeys/ Watermark/ Audio format (MP3 or WAV), etc.

There are options for the storage path, mouse cursor effect, keystrokes, Hotkeys settings, watermark, floating bar, and more.
Recording list: Files are stored at this place after recording. Here you can play, edit, and rename the audio file.

Step 4: Start recording

You can click the REC button or directly use Hotkeys Alt+1 (default settings) to launch an audio recording.

Step 5: End recording

If you want to end this audio recording, you can press the Stop icon or use Alt+2 to over.

How to Record with Audio Only on Mac

RecMaster makes up for the shortcomings of QuickTime which is unable to capture internal audio and offers more features. Now let’s see how to record with audio only.

Step 1: Download and launch RecMaster on your Mac.

free download RecMaster for Mac

Step 2: Launch and choose Audio only

Choose Audio only mode of RecMaster Mac version

Step 3: Configure settings

Do settings for Audio only capture on RecMaster Mac version

Audio format: m4a and caf are two available audio formats for you.
System sound: It helps you capture system audio.
Microphone: It records your voice coming from an external audio device.
Settings: There are 3 parts: General/ Shortcuts/ Auto-split and more. General is for format, mouse cursor. Shortcuts are the Hotkeys combinations. Auto-split is for recording split.

Settings interface of RecMaster Mac version

Step 4: Get started

Click REC or use command+1 to start the audio recording.

Step 5: Finish recording

Press Stop or use command+2 to end this recording

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