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How to Redeem RecMaster Pro on Steam?

RecMaster Pro is released on Steam earlier this year. Once you have a redeem code, how to redeem RecMaster? This guide is showing the way to redeem RecMaster Pro on Steam. 

Steps to redeem RecMaster Pro on Steam.

Step 1. Install Steam on your computer and go to Games>>Activate a Product on Steam.
steps to redeem RecMaster Pro on Steam
Step 2. Click “Next” until you reach the Product Code blank and insert the redeem code.
Step 3. Go to the Library and you will find the RecMaster Steam version in your list. Install it and you will get the full version.
find the redeemed RecMaster
Hope the above steps helpful for you and you can enjoy using RecMaster without problems.
1. You need to launch Steam first before you start and use RecMasteer.
2. The difference between the RecMaster Offiical version and Steam version:
There is a language switching option on the Steam version.
You can go to Menu >> Settings >> General >> Language to switch.
Currenlty it supports English and Simplified Chinese.
Change language option
3. You may also be interested in the RecMaster Trailer.


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