12 Screen Recording Tips for Creating Better Videos

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Here are 12 screen recording tips for creating better videos. With these tips and tricks, it’ll be easier to make great recordings.

12 Screen Recording Tips for Creating Better Videos

People love to watch videos or create a video to share their thoughts. This is because video presents ideas in more detail and completeness than text and audio. Screen recording makes it easier to create videos.

It seems like everyone needs to record their screens. Whether you need to create an online teaching course, make a business promotion video, record gameplay, etc., a screen recorder is one of the reliable tools you can use to create videos on your computer.

So, follow this essential guide to learn the 12 screen recording tips for creating better videos.

Preparation for Screen Recording

Below are several screen recording tips you may need before starting the capture.

Preparation for Screen Recording

Create an outline before recording

Before you start recording, write a script for your video. Writing an outline will help you organize and outline your presentation so that your video is as concise as possible.

Your script doesn’t have to contain all the details. You only need to plan and outline what you want to say and in what order, both of which will save you recording and editing time and improve your results. In addition, cutting out the rambling back and forth and the “um” and “ah” will give your audience a better experience.

Close unnecessary programs

Close unnecessary programs to ensure you have enough computer processing power and memory. Doing so will reduce the probability of you dropping frames and lagging while recording video.

Another important reason is that turning off all notifications will prevent your recordings from being interrupted by notification sounds and pop-ups. If there is a chat window or message alert sound suddenly while you are recording your desktop, then your creative process will be ruined.

Test your screen recording software

Before doing this, you need to select a reliable screen recorder. →How to choose a screen capture software?

If you don’t want to discover that your microphone sound was not captured at the end of the recording, you’d better test the screen recording software before starting. What’s more, be familiar with this tool. Knowing its common shortcuts and other advanced features can make your videos perfect.

Practice before recording

Read your outline carefully to estimate video length, and do one or two rehearsals.

Identify places in the recording where you may need to pause the recording to prepare for the next section or to add notes. And try to avoid mistakes in the rehearsal during the formal recording.

Screen Recording Tips

After the prep work is done, these screen recording tips will help you finish the creation more smoothly.

screen recording tips

Only record what you need

Most screen recording software allows users to record full or partial screens, microphones, system sounds, and webcams.

If the focus of your video is only a part of the screen, then you don’t have to record the whole computer screen. You can choose to record the custom area and let your viewers focus on where you want them to be.

Remember to turn off the microphone if you don’t need to record your voice. Otherwise, the noisy wind around you, the booming sound of machines running, etc., will ruin your video.

Slow down your speech

When we give presentations, we all naturally tend to speak faster. Such a habit may cause the audience to miss some vital information.

So, when you are recording, try to slow down a little, especially if it’s something you want to impress the audience with. Also, if the audience wants, they can always speed it up in the player.

Don’t be afraid to pause

Relax. You don’t need to record everything at once. If you need to take a moment to consider how you will reveal your following sentence, sneeze, or take a drink of water, just pause.

If you’re using RecMaster, you can press the Alt key + 1 to pause or resume your recording.

Include a call-to-action

Regardless of the topic or type of your video, let your audience know what you want them to do next.

For example, suppose you’re making a video for YouTube. In that case, you can remind them to like, subscribe, and click on the link in the video description for more information. If creating a video course, let your students know their next steps: class quizzes, assignments, the next lesson, etc.

Make sure your call to action is clear, but don’t confuse your audience with too many CTAs.

Edit Your Recordings

When you stop the recording, it’s time to edit your recordings to make them more professional. Read on the following screen recording tips to learn more.

Edit your recordings

Trim your video

First, trim the beginning and end of your recording to eliminate any extra seconds when you’re setting up or ending.

You can easily trim your recording by dragging the handles below the recording preview in the built-in video editor. Viewers don’t want to wait a few seconds after opening the video.

Protect your private information

Remember to protect your privacy if you plan to upload your video to public social platforms. Suppose you inadvertently capture private information you don’t want your viewers to see when you record your video. In that case, you can blur it out by using an editing tool.

Remove unnecessary content

Unnecessary content includes periods of silence, slips of the tongue in the recording, pages of no value, etc. Remove them to help make your recording look polished, smooth, and effective for your audience.

Minimize actions that your audience doesn’t need or doesn’t want to see. For example, the time you spend browsing a website, typing in the browser bar, waiting for a page to load, etc.

Add some necessary subtitles

If you want the audience to notice something important, you can make the text visible to them in subtitles. Usually, captions are added at the bottom of the video and do not obscure your video.

Some user-friendly screen recording tools also provide an annotation tool during the recording process. You can add text, highlights, numbers, arrows, and more while screen recording.

In addition, setting effects for the cursor and displaying real-time keystrokes can also keep your audience captivated.


In this essential guide, we have shown you 12 screen recording tips for creating better videos.

Screen recording tools can be utilized for a wide range of purposes, such as recording online calls, making tutorial videos, recording online courses, recording game videos, etc. Download the best screen recording software now and try recording videos now!

FAQs about Screen Recording

1. Which quality is best for screen recording?

The best quality for screen recordings should be the same resolution as the screen. Screen recording will be best at 4K resolution if you have a 4K monitor. Generally, 1080p or Full HD is the best resolution for screen recording.

2. Which app is best for screen recording?

Choosing the best app for screen recording depends on your requirements, budget, and the product’s features. If you need a free and open-source screen recorder, OBS Studio is a nice choice. But if you are looking for an easy-to-use and affordable screencasting tool, then, RecMaster is worth a try.

3. How do gamers record their screens?

To record gameplay without lag, gamers usually select a powerful recorder that helps record video and audio smoothly. Some screen recorders also offer a Game mode. →How to Record Gameplay on Windows 11?

4. Are screen recorders safe?

Most screen recorders are safe. If you purchase a license for your screen recorder, your computer security will be further protected. A license means that your recording software will be checked and updated every so often and removed as soon as errors or viruses are found.

5. How do I make YouTube sound better?

Staying away from background noise sources, choosing a good microphone, and noise reduction through an audio cutter can all help make YouTube videos sound better. →How to Reduce Audio Noise in Video Recording?

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