How to Record Video Tutorial to Demonstrate Your Skill or Others

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You can record video tutorial of entry-level on certain course, gameplay, software, PC operation, or informal presentation with ease, even you are a super newbie…

Record Video Tutorial

Keeping hearing an idea that video is the future of content marketing. Who recognizes the age of video has already arrived! Especially in recent months, the worldwide COVID-19 crisis has brought more companies and people into the crowd of effective strategy practitioners. It’s a wise choice since Global Web Index found more than 80% of consumers in US and UK spend more time on content amid the coronavirus outbreak, typically the video content.

Video is not only a smash hit among business and work, but also enjoyed greatly by teachers, students, (YouTube) vloggers and general public for personal usage. If you happen to be one of them and want to record video tutorial to showcase product demo, impart knowledge, instruct a how-to, or share something new, let’s get together to walk through the whole process below.

How to Make Tutorial Video with Screen Recorder and Editor

Producing video tutorial is not such difficult, because nowadays there are a number of handy and slick screen recorder and editor programs that could help you achieve the goal perfectly. Of course, pure screen capture software with no editing features is able to create high-quality screencast as well. The only shortcoming is that when you want to do some basic edits, you have to search for and download another video editor to continue the work. That’s to say, screen recorder with internal video editor is superior to that who doesn’t bundle editor.

Without further ado, now, please take a look at how RecMasterthe easiest screen recorder for tutorial – makes tutorial recording on Windows 10 PC.

1. Free download and install RecMaster

RecMaster now supports both Windows and Mac systems. If your machine is Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 based one, or is running any among macOS 10.11-10.15 versions, obtain the related installing file below and set it up on your computer.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

2. Get the recording content ready

This is an essential step, because as a rule, most experienced video producers make a plan and write down detailed script before the real capture. The purpose of these behaviors is to make the final tutorial well-constructed and eye-catching for viewers from start to end. If you care your audiences, take time to do it.

● Tips on planning
Great content is half the success. So you are suggested to investigate, address the specific customer and decide what tutorial theme or main idea to record. If possible, communicate with potential viewers to explore their expectations, adopt & arrange them, and ensure your upcoming recording, at least the main part, is to their tastes.

You can write a brief outline covering tutorial title, main parts, rough duration of each part and so on. Aiming to help you always get the point during recording, plan staff is worth a try. Drawing blackboard is also an available way to visualize recording beforehand.

● Tips on script
To captive people and make them believe in your words, telling the “story” naturally, funny and keeping it as simple as possible. But don’t be a statement machine. If the on-screen movements could speak for themselves well, why not nourish the visual activity with more educational or convictive narration.

Script is regarded as the most important portion of plan, which contributes to a more effective video tutorial. Two- or more-column video script showing video scenes, audio, annotation and more is an excellent choice. You can find many practical script templates online of training tutorial, video lesson, software demo or other types. Below is an example picked online.

Script template for video tutorial

● Practice really matters
Practice makes perfect. An impressive and user-friendly video must be super smooth on both screen activity and external narration, with no lag capture, no “eh.. eh..” mur-mur or embarassing standstill to get the audience sidetracked. Therefore, be patience to practice until you level yourself up at an expected flow. It’ll be better if you can find someone to listen to your practice and are not niggard to give you unbiased advice.

3. Start the Tutorial Recording

After having all things prepared, it’s your show time!
Open up RecMaster on desktop and choose a proper recording mode as necessary. In most cases, Full Screen is the top choice for entire display capture. Custom Area is also picked by many to avoid leakage of any private things on PC. For Windows users, Game Mode is also a good mode for DirectX game capture.

Free RecMaster

RecMaster, as one of the best and the easiest screen recorder for computer, is equipped with many key features. Here after defining video format (MP4 or so), quality level (original high quality at most), frame rate (up to 60fps), webcam and audio source on the secondary window, and maybe also mouse cursor effect and watermark on Settings panel, you can begin the capture immediately by pressing the REC button or typing Alt + 1 hotkeys.

Full screen recording settings

Please note: In order to gain a lag-free video tutorial, you’d better end all of the unnecessary tasks on desktop.
Also, the audio source includes system sound and microphone. The former one refers to the sound coming from sound card and the latter option means voice from any external (plugged) mic. Set an example here: if you plan to record video tutorial with real-time background music (played on PC) and narration (spoken via mic), turn the two audio options on at the same time.

4. Add Voice over, Webcam, Annotation etc.

As long as you’ve turned the microphone on, go on your voice with the ready-made script on what’s happening on the screen. During the recording process, you are free to pause & resume (with Alt + 1 hotkeys) for repeat or annotation, show or hide webcam for picture-in-picture effect (with Alt + 4), and show main window (with Alt + 3) for more settings. And all of those key combinations are changeable under Settings.

Default hotkeys

In some cases, you must need the annotation tool to highlight or explain something. Do access the floating bar panel and click the pen icon to pop it up, then take the advantage of a dozen of objects such as brush, rectangle, circle, line, arrow  to mark, text to note, pen highlight etc. You can tweak the thickness and color of shapes, font size of text as you like.

Annotation tool of RecMaster

NOTE: Only when the “Hide panel when recording” option under Settings -> General -> Floating toolbar is unchecked will you see the floating bar during tutorial recording.

5. Stop It

When you have finished recording video tutorial, end it by clicking Red button or type Alt + 2. After that, the tutorial clip will be listed in a recording list with default date-&-time-formated name, duration, file size and more.

6. Edit and Upload

In case there are mistakes or unwanted segments, RecMaster is embedded with an editor to help you cut the extra parts off by cutting & merging.

cut video

Now, you can share this finished tutorial video to your YouTube channel by simply clicking the UPLOAD icon and pick YouTube as the target social site. Also, you can back it up to Google Drive here.

upload to YouTube from recording list

Other feature you may need: Scheduled recording, Webcam recording, Audio only recording

Final Words

Tutorial video is used here and there among many fields and constantly gains its popularity from teenager to middle-aged people or even the one with grey hairs. Thanks to its visual, interactive, accessible, effective and repetitive nature, learning won’t be such a burden and has never been so easy. Put your long guide or paper into video and record video tutorial with RecMaster from now on.
As a multi-functional screen recorder, RecMaster not only supports creating excellent video for sharing, but also is able to save any online streaming or monitor action for saving as a reference.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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