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How to Record Audio of Zoom Meetings on Windows and Mac?


Zoom is a very useful online meeting and webinar tool in our daily work, especially during the COVID 19 period. And mostly the audio of the zoom meetings or webinars are very important to us and we hope to record them. Does RecMaster record audio of zoom meetings? The answer is yes. RecMaster can record audio of both the other speakers and your own voice. Here’s how to record audio of  Zoom Meetings on Windows and Mac.


How to Record Audio of Zoom Meetings on Windows?

1. Launch Zoom and press the Gear button on the top-right to Settings
Go to Zoom Settings

2. Go to the Audio tab and test your speakers and microphone to confirm they are all right.
Record audio of Zoom meetings on Windows- Audio Settings

3. Launch RecMaster, choose the right mode you hope to use, for example, Full Screen, Custom Area, or Program Window.
Record audio of Zoom Meetings - Full Screen

4. Press on the arrow button besides System Sound and choose Advanced.
Go to RecMaster Speakers Settings

5. Choose the right speaker and microphone and test them to confirm.
RecMaster Audio Settings - Speakers & Microphones

6. Start recording the Zoom meetings. After the recording, you can find the video file in the recording list where you can choose to edit by cutting, caption adding, delogo, etc.
Edit recorded Zoom Videos

Differences between recording Zoom with Full Screen, Custom Area, Program Window modes.

Full Screen:
* The selected screen size is the whole computer screen. If you are using multiple monitors, it will only record the default monitor.
* In Full-Screen mode, you can record all movements on the computer screen.
More about how to record with Full Screen mode.

Custom Area:
* You can drag & draw to select a custom area to record. For example, the Zoom window. If you are using multiple monitors in Extend these displays mode, you can drag to record movements on all the monitors. Please note that you need to set the monitors in the same Display resolution.
* In Custom Area mode, you can record all movements on the selected area.
More about how to record with Custom Area mode.

Program Window:
* You can choose the Zoom window.
* In Program Window mode, you will only record movements on the selected Zoom window. As long as the selected window is not resized, minimized, or maximized, you use any other programs covering it. But RecMaster will only record Zoom meetings.
More about how to record with Program Window mode.
Record Zoon with Program Window Mode

How to Record Audio of Zoom Meetings on Mac?

1. Launch Zoom and go to Zoom.us>>Preferences>>Audio>> Choose “Aunboxsoft Audio Device” in the Speaker section.
Record audio of Zoom Mettings on Mac - Settings

2. Launch RecMaster and choose one mode and start the recording. For example, Full Screen.

RecMaster will detect and choose the right speaker and microphone automatically.

* You will be able to record the sounds from both the Zoom meeting and your computer system as long as you choose the right speakers.
* And to record your own voice as well, you must enable and choose the right microphone in both Zoom and RecMaster.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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