You can Record Online Meeting/Webinar/Class from Any Platform!

Online meeting software usage has become a craze, especially with the arrival of COVID-19 in early 2020. Compared to real face-to-face interaction at conference room, this kind of web-based service offers more flexible and convenient communication by supporting screen & file sharing, remote desktop control, digital whiteboard/polling tool, VoIP voice to video call switch, larger number of attendees (up to 1-thousand participants as long as you subscribe related service plan in certain app) and so forth.

Hosting or attending an online meeting is quite easy once the organizer adopts a handy meeting program. While for online meeting capture, people being devoted to the live-stream may have some difficulties caused by meeting software itself, recording permission from meeting host/organization admin, or a schedule conflict.

Since by keeping a recording of the live meeting, you can not merely gain more details & insights in the future by file reviewing, but also share the valuable resource with those (absent) employees and students to maximize the information value, this full guide will focus on how to record online meeting or webinar broadcast taking place on Zoom, Google Meet (Hangout), Microsoft Team, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting and other similar programs. Keep on reading to know exactly the how-to steps, no matter you are a meeting host, presenter or a common participant, audience without permission to record internally.

Top Online Meeting Software Brands First, What’s Your Tool Name?

Before the advent of global COVID-19 crisis, a dozen of stellar web conference and webinar software has already been here aiming to connect and involve everyone in different locations into an event virtually. Since there’s no precise data on each software’s total download, we roughly narrow piles of online meeting apps down to this best-15 list through comparing the site’s global rank, the most recent download trends, general position in various software review and download sites, as well as user ratings on these sites. Now you can have a glance at them first to see if your utility is included.

Top online meeting service - Zoom Top online meeting service - Google Meet Top online meeting service - Microsoft Team Top online meeting service - GoToMeeting Top online meeting service - Cisco Webex Top online meeting service - Skype
Online Meeting Service Name Zoom Google Meet Microsoft Teams GoToMeeting Cisco Webex Meeting
Global Alexa Rank in Dec.2020 14 1 211 744 237
Online Meeting Service Name BlueJeans Meeting BlueJeans Meeting Zoho Meeting Slack TeamViewer Meeting
Global Alexa Rank in Dec.2020 1825 45 170 182 860
Online Meeting Service Name RingCentral ClickMeeting Intermedia AnyMeeting ReadyTalk
Global Alexa Rank in Dec.2020 3448 6563 17638 26204 575522

Note that most of these pop platforms and apps share the similar platforms and work perfectly on Windows, macOS, Linux/Ubuntu, iOS, Android and browser web. For more details, please check their own official sites.

People are forced to work or learn at home due to the breakout of worldwide coronavirus pandemic, which drives higher demand of consumer-oriented video conferencing services for both computer and mobile. Zoom is one typical example with its stock scoring a huge boost in the first quarter of 2020 and the iOS app download records moving over TikTok to become the new king in town. Also, to catch up with Zoom and alike rivals, Google has renewed its elder video conference tool Hangout to new Google Meet app and provides much more competitive free activity in holiday like Thanksgiving…

For large-scale enterprises, emplying any of above mentioned pro-level online meeting service will certainly improve the efficiency of collaberation among their big teams. However, if an orgonization doesn’t have such complicated communication requirment or enough budget for a paid meeting service subscription, the meeting host could enjoy the free web conference plan (some give limited trial version within a certain period of time) or alternatively choose to put things easily with a free video call app like FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp. That’s the reason why many other online meeting software lists include one or more video chat apps mentioned here into their catelogs.

How to Record Online Meeting, Webinar on Windows & Mac

Regardless of your role in an internet meeting or webinar, third-party meeting recorder is bound to help you enjoy the ulmost freedom to save meeting content for re-checking or file-sharing in the future without trouble. Therefore, desktop screen recorder RecMaster is strongly recommended here for its multi-functionality & simplicity.

Specifically, RecMaster not only works with all online meeting and video chatting apps, being able to capture any (live) online meeting on them with audio & webcam, but also empowers the user to define file format, quality and start / end time according to the actual need. Before diving into the how-to steps, let’s take a deep look at RecMaster’s core features for online meeting capture:

  • RecMaster - Multiple recordings modes It has multiple recording modes to record (full-/partial-screen) meeting video or audio only in high-quality.
  • RecMaster - Audio capture ability It supports grabbing meeting video and audio from any people without third-party audio device.
  • RecMaster - Picture-in-picture recording It supports creating picture-in-picture video by overlaying a webcam inset on-to screen.
  • RecMaster - Record meeting with all elements It supports recording meeting with presentantion files, captions, and other elements displayed in meeting.
  • RecMaster - Task scheduler It has task scheduler to auto-start rec-ording for scheduled/Canlender meeting at the right time you fix.
  • RecMaster -Settings for recording There are many available settings reg-arding format, quality, frate rate, mouse cursor, watermark, shortcuts etc.
  • RecMaster - Multi-monitor support It’s compatible with multi-monitor work-place, endowing one to record one alone or more screens simutaneously.
  • RecMaster - Internal editor It’s equipped with annotation tool, white-board and editor tools for advanced video creation.

Now 4 simply guides on how to record online meeting or webinar from the most popular products on Windows 10 with RecMaster are represented with texts and videos. If your target meeting host app is not among the crowd, don’t worry about that because they all share the similar workflow. By simply following either of the workflows below can you produce meeting recording footage from any app with ease.

  • record web conference record web conference

    Record Zoom Meeting

  • record web conference record web conference

    Record Google Meet

  • record web conference record web conference

    Record GoToMeeting

  • record web conference record web conference

    Record Webex

  • 1

    Launch RecMaster and choose “Full Screen” to go ahead. You can also select “Custom Area” if you’re willing to manually decide the capture section, or pick “Audio Only” for pure voice capture.


    Do settings for the upcoming recording. The options include but not limited to format, quality, frame rate, audio, webcam, monitor (if there’s more than one), scheduled time (for automatic capture) etc.


    When you are ready to start or join a Zoom meeting via App, click REC or press “Alt+1” on RecMaster and then access the meeting to talk or watch while recording Zoom.

    Finished YouTube video recording

    You can end and load the recorded file immediately with the same button click or “Alt+2” hotkeys typing. No further converting process needed.

    Meeting recording finished How to record online meeting from Zoom
  • 1

    Open up RecMaster and select the most widely used “Full Screen” to move on. “Custom Area” and “Audio Only” are also available here for customized and absolute sound capture.


    Preset for the upcoming capture, e.g. defining format to MP4/MP3, quality level to high-standard, turning on facecam/system sound/microphone, manually creating scheduled recording etc.


    When you start a new Google Meet session or join one with given code/link on the web, make the Meet recording happen on RecMaster by clicking REC or pressing “Alt+1”.

    Finished YouTube video recording

    When business meeting is over on Google Meet, stop RecMaster to load the final media file into a Recording list where a basic editor and one-click Google Drive file sharing are given.

    Meeting recording finished How to record online meeting from Google Meet
  • 1

    Run RecMaster and choose a suitable (video/audio) recording mode as you wish. Here you are suggested to run GoToMeeting maximally and record with RecMaster’s “Full Screen” mode.


    RecMaster offers you settings for format, quality, fps and scheduled recording time. Furthermore, you can turn webcam on or off. If you’re a listener who won’t speak, do turn system sound on and microphone off.


    As long as you take part in an event, press “Alt+1” or click REC to begin the GoToMeeting recording. Scheduled recording won’t require you do anything but keep the software running always.

    Finished YouTube video recording

    Click the same button or type “Alt+2” on keyboard to give the recording an end. If you are undergoing a scheduled capture, just leave it alone to finish at the time you set.

    Meeting recording finished How does RecMaster record meeting from GoToMeeting
  • 1

    Download and install RecMaster on your machine. Then launch it and choose a proper recording like “Full Screen”, “Custom Area” and “Audio Only” to proceed.


    Confirm the recording details on format, quality, fps, webcam, sound source & volume, and target recording monitor if there are multiple ones. For auto-capture, you have to rely on Task schedule feature.


    Stat to record Webex meeting with REC button or shortcuts (Alt+1) once you enter into the conference room. If you’ve enabled a scheduled recording, you should do nothing but run RecMaster in background.

    Finished YouTube video recording

    Stop the recording when the you leave the room or the communication is ended for all participants. Then you can access the file in a Recording list on RecMaster.

    Meeting recording finished How does RecMaster record from Cisco Webex

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How to Record Online Meeting, Webinar on Windows & Mac

Newer iOS and Android gadgets like Android/iOS (11) or later phones and iPad do have native screen recorder. But many seem to be unable to record meeting video with app audio at all by reason of privacy issue. That’s to say, if the inbuilt recorder doesn’t conduct a successful recording as you prefer, you will have to ask help from third-party screen recorder app (e.g Mobizen Screen Recorder, AZ Screen Recorder, Du Screen Recorder, Techsmith Capture) too or gain the permission of in-app (cloud) recording if this meeting app has this feature.

For more details on online meeting app’s inborn free capture capability, please be patient to move forward to the next part.

Use Built-in Screen Recorder of Online Meeting Services

Do Follow Their Own Rules

To deliver one-stop and high-quality online communication experience, those solution providers are tend to develop cover-all product lines for web conference, online chat, video webinar respectively and full capabilities including the ability to do real-time meeting recording. Now a brief screen recorder comparison table on five most well-known online meeting apps is made with detail.

Local/ Cloud Recording Recording Format Recording Limits
Zoom Both MP4 (video), M4A (audio), and txt (chat).
  • Local recording is only available on desktop.

  • Cloud recording requires paid account and 1-3 days to process the file currently.

  • The host can record and enable participant to record…

Google Meet Cloud recording only Chat recording is saved as .SBV in organizer’s Drive.
  • Recording is only opened for desktop user that has competent G Suite, Business and Enterprise edition.

  • Only meeting organizer, the one in the same organization or teacher signed in to Google Workspace can record.

  • Captions cannot be recorded…

Microsoft Teams Cloud recording only You can download online file as MP4. (Now recording is saved in Microsoft Stream and later on in OneDrive for Busin-ess and SharePoint in 2021.)
  • Only meting organizer and presenter can start and stop a recording.

  • Recording initiator should have Office 365 E1/E3/E5, A1/A3/A5, Micr-osoft 365 Business Premium/Standard/Basic1, be licensed for Steam and enable Steam with enough storage.

  • Recording is stored in Steam and available to view and download within 21 days only…

GoToMeeting Both Downloadable .mp4 for online recording and .g2m format for local recording.
  • Only the meeting host with GoToMeeting Pro or Plus can enjoy the recording feature and share recorded video to attendee.

  • Local recording is unavailable on Web version and G2M temporary file for local recording needs to be converted into MP4/WMV manually.

  • To avoid recording failure, the maximum capture duration is 8 hours. And attendees are not allowed to view video recording exceeding 20GB.

Webex Meeting Both MP4, ARF or WRF
  • Only meeting (alternate) host and presenter can record meetings that’re started on PC when site administrator has allowed the recording.

  • Free plan user can’t enjoy the cloud recording.

  • You should download and transform elder ARF/WRF to other mainstream formats like MP4, WMV, and SWF…

There are so many household names taking video conferencing industry by storm that we can’t exhibit them all here. But briefly speaking, they work quite similarly as the five apps picked above – being friendly with paid PC user who is meeting host or presenter, cloud recording share and download usually has many restrictions, and some even produces recording in its own file format which makes one-click playback more difficult…

To sum up, whether you are a meeting host, a presenter, an invited attendee or an anonymous person, to free yourself from recording online meetings or any other type of communication and presentation, if the integrated screen recorder doesn’t give you permission to record or annoys you with its working manner, why not employ an alternative recorder that shines in ease-of-use, productivity and flexibility.

Want to record online meeting from Zoom/Google Meet/Webex etc.?

Free download RecMaster screen recorder to make high-quality MP4/MP3 recording out of whatever web conference app (with audio and webcam) effortlessly.


1 Why third-party screen recorder is still necessary when I’m a host with the privilege to record internally?
Depending on the meeting app you use, you may still be perplexed by the limitations of embedded meeting recorder on supported system, file format, maximum recording length, stability and so on. When there’s no way to get rid of certain problem or some meeting capture just requires double assurance, you are suggested to gain benefit from more flexible external screen recording software.
2 Can I record (Zoom/Google Meet etc.) meetings while being an attendee, or even without attending?
Firstly, if the meeting service allow host to pass you ability to record meeting in app like Zoom, when you attend the meeting, you can make it come true by asking the host for capture permission. But as a rule, if you don’t join the live broadcast as a participant worker/student or are forbidden by meeting host to enjoy internal recorder, you will have no choice but utilize a third-party top screen recorder like RecMaster.
3 Whether the host knows or meeting app detects I’m secretly recording the live event?
No. At least for now, both the host and meeting app are unable to detect such behavior, not to mention the app would alert the meeting host that you’re shooting a meeting movie with another program. Only when you are using the meeting app’s attached screen recorder will the status be shown on app to notify all people involved.
4 Is it legal to record online meetings by myself, without permission by host?
Is screen recording legal/illegal? Theoretically it’s illegal and you can’t record anything streaming online without the consent of file owner, activity starter and participated member. Nevertheless, as long as you do this only for “fair usage”, you are likely to have the lowest possibility for related legal issue. Anyway, as a best practice, our advice is you’d better ask the host to record and share you the copy or win over his/her permission to save the content, either from in-built or standalone screen recorder.

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Disclaimer: Don’t use this app to capture any copyrightedcontent online and the application developer won’t be sresponsible for any misuse of it. Note: If you still have any question or suggestion on how to record online meting or RecMaster, please feel free to contact us via this email.