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Screen Recording Is Noisy or Echoing? How to Improve/Avoid If Audio Has Noise And Echo

Noisy or echoing narration ruins an excellent recording. If your audio has noise and echo during a recording, please read on and find solutions to solve it. Follow the steps below. You can target the issue and resolve it accordingly. And besides, you can also refer to Audio Noise And Mute Issues Troubleshooting if you use a Mac computer.

recording with audio - Fix Recording Is Noisy/Echoing & Audio has noise/echo | RecMaster Troubleshooting Guide

Check the devices and the environment

1. Pick a decent-sounding room

To begin with, please make sure there are no noises around you. For excellent voice-over capture, find a more appropriate place or build a “studio-like” recording room. There should be less or no background noise. The quieter the better.

Quiet room - Fix Recording Is Noisy/Echoing & Audio has noise/echo | RecMaster Troubleshooting Guide

2. Confirm that the devices work well

Please make sure your microphone and speakers work perfectly on your computer.

3. Use headphones instead of loudspeakers 

A practical and commonly used way to avoid echoes and feedback involves avoiding capturing system sound and mic simultaneously.

The echo in the background is usually caused by the speaker’s sound bleeding into the microphone. In that case, you can hear the sound twice, three, or even more times. So, it’s highly recommended to use headphones instead of loudspeakers during recording to avoid feedback.

Or if you don’t have a headphone and still prefer adding background music, you can add it with editing software.

Headphone and microphone - Fix Recording Is Noisy/Echoing & Audio has noise/echo | RecMaster Troubleshooting Guide

Remove Noises and Echoes in RecMaster if Audio Has Noise And Echo

1. Disable the microphone if you don’t need it.

Before all, if you don’t need to record your own voice, you can disable the RecMaster microphone to avoid environmental noises.

If you only need to record voiceovers in some parts of the video, you can enable the microphone during recording.

You can cut off the part when you turn on the microphone with RecMaster’s simple editor after recording.

Turn on Microphone - Fix Recording Is Noisy/Echoing & Audio has noise/echo | RecMaster Troubleshooting Guide

2. Check RecMaster’s Audio settings

Sometimes, when the audio quality is bad, it also sounds noisy.

If that’s the case, you can navigate to Menu>> Settings>> Audio and choose a higher Sample Rate and Bit Rate.

Audio Settings - Fix Recording Is Noisy/Echoing & Audio has noise/echo | RecMaster Troubleshooting Guide

3. Microphone Noise Reduction

With the latest RecMaster, you can also tick Mic Noise Reduction in Sound Settings and disable Mic Gain.

To launch the Sound settings, choose Advanced from the drop-down list of System Sound or Microphone.

And in the Sound Settings window, you can also test your microphone to confirm whether it’s clear enough for recording.

Sound Settings

System Settings if Your Audio Has Noise And Echo

After RecMaster settings, if your audio still has noises or echoes, please follow the steps below to target and diagnose.

1. Disable “Listen to this device” to disable feedback echoes.

If you can hear a constant echo of your voice, you may have “Listen to this device” enabled.

You can press System Settings beside Microphone on RecMaster Sound Settings to launch the System Sound window.

Or you can search and launch “sound settings” on Windows, and proceed to “Sound control panel”.

System Sound

On the Sound dialog, you can click on the Recording Tab, double-click on the default microphone, and go to Listen.

And then, you can uncheck the “Listen to this device” option if it’s ticked and confirm.

Listen to this

2. Upgrade or reinstall the audio driver

If you still have problems with the audio, you can also check whether there’s something wrong with your audio driver.

You can record audio with a system-bundled audio recorder like Voice Recorder for Windows. And for macOS, you can use QuickTime’s audio recording feature. And then, you can check whether they sound appropriate. If the recorded audio has similar poor quality, you can uninstall and reinstall the computer’s audio driver. You can find the audio drivers on the computer manufacturer’s official site.

upgrade dirver

3. Other accessories to reduce background noise/echo

Your computer system may have related features to remove noise like “Noise Suppression”& “Acoustic Echo Cancellation”. It’s under Windows Settings -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording -> Microphone or Handset Properties -> Enhancements. And you can enable both noise suppression and echo cancellation.

Noice reduction

And in the Levels tab, if there’s microphone enhancement, you can reduce it to avoid noise.

Microphone boost


In conclusion, if your audio has noise and echo, there are several factors that cause noise and echo during recording. And by following the steps in this article, you can diagnose and resolve them accordingly. Firstly, you can solve it by recording in a quiet room with effective and well-set devices. Next, you can use better audio settings in RecMaster. And finally, you can solve it with proper system settings to get clean and clear audio in a recording.

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