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How to Fix Recording Is Blurry with Bad Quality Problem

No one wants a blurry video with bad quality but sometimes you may produce a distorted video due to your wrong operation by accident. Here we will give workable ways to fix the blurry problem on your computer by offering some feasible solutions.

Solution 1: Upgrade and stabilize your computer performance

A stable computer is the prerequisite for clear video. If you haven’t upgraded your computer for a long time, some functions may be out of date. Moreover, if you keep too many software running simultaneously, the computer speed is possible to slow even break down.

So you’d better check the status of computer to the latest computer version and shut down unnecessary applications to leave more space for the recording task. In this way, your computer is under the best condition to assist your screen recording.

Solution 2: Take resolution and platform policy seriously

Resolution plays paramount importance in video recording as it is the dimensions of your screen, most commonly measured in pixel. In this way, you always need to be familiar with what resolution you are shooting with and delivering to. High definition editing and production dimensions are 1080p (1920x 1080 pixels) and 720p (1280x 720 pixels). No matter whatever screen resolution you have available, always try and record in the highest resolution as possible.

Many blurry problems are caused by uploading or scaling footage. So there are two resolutions for this cause.

Firstly, try to record HD videoslike 1080p video, 720p video as possible as you can. A higher dimension gives you flexibility in zooming and scaling footage without pixelated problem.

Secondly, always keep in mind where the video is going to live. For example, if you’ll upload the video to Twitch, you’re constrained to 1080p/60 fps. However, if the platform is YouTube, you are suggested to increase the bitrate for at least 1290×720.

Solution 3: Choose proper settings and parameter

Different rages of videos require different settings and parameter. For example, the default setting of frame rate is 30 fps and this is enough for general screen recording. However, if you use the same parameter to capture high-paced gameplay, it possibly causes the laggy and blurry problem. For these problems, you’re suggested to turn up the frame rate to 60 fps.

choose 60fps

So we suggest you to choose the suitable parameter including format, quality, and other settings. But as you know the higher parameter is, the larger file you will get.

If you find other reasons related to blurry problem, please contact us.

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