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How to Fix RecMaster Unable to Record Issue

If you’re encountering a “RecMaster unable to record” matter, and have no idea on how to get rid of it. Go over the following content to have a try.

Fix 1 – Reinstall RecMaster

If you fail to download or install RecMaster, please make sure your internet connection is OK and you’ve downloaded the right and newest official version. Below are our official download link:

Official RecMaster

Official download link of RecMaster for Windows: https://www.recmaster.net/channel?channel=f8678256
Official download link of RecMaster for Mac: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1466014165

Fix 2 – Restart PC

If you’ve got a successful installation, but can’t open RecMaster, restart your computer and run it as Administrator.
Restart computer

Fix 3 – Change Recording Settings

If RecMaster crashes, freezes, stops working during the recording, firstly, please make sure you’ve upgraded both software and graphics card drier to the latest version to avoid some minor bugs. If they are already so, change the recording mode/settings or reboot the computer to capture again. If the problem still exist, reinstall the app or graphics card driver.

change settings for recording

Fix 4 – Turn to Recorder Supporting Copy Protected Content

Running encrypted media player in the background may also cause RecMaster crashes error. If this is your case, simply close the player to re-record. Also, at present, RecMaster doesn’t feature recording such encrypted media file.

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