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Recorded Video Audio Out of Sync When Watching or Editing [Solved]?

If your recorded video and audio are born with out of sync problem, it is most probably caused by high video quality setting or the PC’s graphics card is not good enough. If the recording playback is OK while you get this problem after loading it into some video editor like Premiere Pro, VFR (Variable Frame Rate) is likely to be the root cause.

Try the following fixing methods to correct this video audio unsynchronized matter.

1. Make sure the original content doesn’t have this problem.

If the streaming content is born with this video audio out of sync issue due to poor internet connection or other reason, your recording will have such issue, too.

2. Upgrade the driver of graphics card to the latest version.

Integrated or discrete graphics card, you should upgrade the driver to the newest one from Intel/Nvidia/AMD’s official site. If possible, get a re-installation of the driver.

Similarly, if you get this V/A out of sync problem when doing Webcam capture, check your webcam driver.

3. Lower the quality standard and frame rate.

If your PC or say graphics card is not so powerful, do record at relatively lower quality and frame rate value to output a smaller-sized video. Also, you should leave enough storage space for the recording.

quality level

4. [For Windows] Recording CFR video or convert VFR to CFR for edit.

Many people love to record screen video, especially the live streaming and gameplay video, with variable frame rate (also known as VFR). It does keep a good balance between video quality and file size. But the audio often falls out of sync with audio when further post-production work is involved.

To avoid this situation, choose constant frame rate before recording. Alternatively, you can convert VFR to CFR video with freeware like HandBrake.

Choose Constant frame rate on Windows

If the three fixes don’t help you work this problem out, please feel free to contact our support team for one-to-one help.

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