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Video/Audio Recording Is Too Large in Size Fixes

When you finished the screen recording, you find the recording is too large in size, which may be annoying if you want to upload it online to YouTube, send it via email, share it with chatting app or save it in a limited storage. Then how to solve this size problem? Generally, you have two ways to go.

1 – Record with smaller-size settings

You can manually control the size with RecMaster from the very start. For smaller-sized recording, you are suggested to choose MP4 format rather than FLV or AVI on Windows, pick high or standard quality option, and let the frame rate value under 30fps. Also, you can narrow the target recording size, shorten your recording time, disable webcam if it’s not a must-have…

Lower Quality Settings and Edit for Smaller Size

Mac users can enjoy the “Auto-split” feature to split long recording into certain segments according to size or duration automatically. And RecMaster for Windows will add this feature soon.

Auto-split Feature of RecMaster for Mac

As to audio recording, Windows users is suggested to choose lossy MP3 format rather than lossless WAV while Mac users select the M4A one but not CAF.

Reduce the recording size

First and foremost, you can split large recording into smaller segments with RecMaster’s internal editor (audio cutting is available for Windows user). If this is not what you want, take advantage of video or audio compressor to shrink the recording size. Normally, a compressor is able to decrease the media file size by transcoding, decreasing the parameters like video’s bit rate/resolution/fps and video’s sample rate, and also by splitting. You can try open source HandBrake transcoder to get this job done.

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