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How to Fix Recording Video Is Laggy/Has FPS Drop

No screen recorder could guarantee a 100% lag-free recording, because like “PC lagging” to PC owner, “recording lagging” is also one of the most common errors that most screencast creator may come across. Different cases require different solutions, so navigate to the one that suites you most.

Case One – Lagging PC or Recording Target

Screen recorder is able to grab the real-time screen activity and encode these movements into media file. If the recorded target is originally laggy, the media file will surely skip frames.

In this case, please boost your computer performance by system optimization (e.g disable/uninstall unnecessary apps and do clean-up) or hardware upgrade (e.g increase RAM/hard drive storage, employ discrete GPU, install SSD or employ a more powerful PC straightforwardly).

Case Two – Smooth Screen Activity But Laggy Recording

Screen recording is quite source intensive, so it may have effect on PC performance, leading a PC lagging, or output a recording video with frame drops.

Solutions to decrease or removing lagging:

● Change recording mode
Game Mode (Windows only), Full Screen and Custom Area are three core video recording methods that RecMaster has. Alter the recording mode may get the lagging trouble resolved. For instance, Windows users could switch between Game Mode and Full Screen. Normally, Game Mode brings about less lags than Full Screen when recording gameplay.

Change recording mode

● Lower recording data to process
Specifically, you can reduce recording size/resolution like from 1080p full screen to 720p customized area recording, lower the quality level like from original to high/standard, select a lower frame rate value like 20, changing video format like from AVI to MP4. What’s more, you can disable the webcam overlay, system sound or microphone if they are not a must-have.

Using GPU acceleration is a good way to free up CPU space and reduce lags, and RecMaster has employed this solution to its Mac version and the Windows version will adopt it soon.

GPU acceleration of RecMaster for Mac

● Upgrade the hardware
The same as solution of Case One, if nothing helps resolve the lagging problem, you are suggested to level up your computer by upgrading a better graphics card, CPU, and larger RAM.

● Employ another machine to record independently
Similar to video capture card capture, you can connect a secondary PC to your computer and then do recording on that one.

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