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How to Use RecMaster to Auto-record at Boot?

To start recording as soon as you turn on your computer, you can use RecMaster’s Auto-record at boot feature. If you turn on the Auto-record when it starts. But RecMaster didn’t start after the reboot. You can check the settings in RecMaster and the settings of your computer. This article will give you some suggestions to solve this problem.

Settings Checking in RecMaster

First, you can go to Menu>> Settings>> General, check if the automatically start at boot and auto-record at software start are set correctly.

Auto record at boot settings1

Then, you can go to Hotkeys, and make sure that the Boss key is not ticked.

Auto record at boot settings2

Settings Checking in The Computer

First of all, search “Task Scheduler” on your Windows and open it.

Auto record at boot computer settings1

Then, choose Task Scheduler Library on the popup window, and scroll down to find RecMaster.

Auto record at boot computer settings2

If you can’t find RecMaster, it means the task was not set properly.
Please launch RecMaster and set the auto start and auto-record again, leaving the Boss key in the Hotkeys section unchecked.
If you can find RecMaster, please move on with this guide.

After that, you can right-click on RecMaster in the list and choose Properties.

Auto record at boot computer settings3

The next step is to switch to the Conditions tab and uncheck the red-marked options, “Start the task only if the computer is on AC power”, and “Stop if the computer switches to battery power”. And press OK.

Auto record at boot computer settings4

And then, please reboot your computer again to check if RecMaster can be launched normally as scheduled.


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