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How to Enable Aero Theme on Windows 7?

If you are running RecMaster on Windows 7, and you hope to record program windows with transparent properties, for example, program windows with rounded corners, you will have to choose an Aero theme or enable the Record transparent window option in Settings. Here are the steps about how to enable Aero theme in Windows 7, and how to enable the record transparent windows option.

Please note that no matter you are recording with the Full-Screen mode or Program Window mode if you didn’t enable an Aero theme or the record transparent window option, you may have problems with the recording.

How to enable Aero theme on Windows 7?

This is the recommended way to record transparent windows on Windows 7 since it’s very steady and uses less memory than setting to record transparent windows. Here are the steps.

1. Right-click on the desktop, and choose Personalize.

how to renable aero themes

2. Find the Aero themes and choose one Aero theme.

how to enable aero theme

Now the Aero theme is enabled successfully and you can start recording transparent windows with RecMaster.

And here’s another way to record transparent windows, but it will take more resources while recording and not as steady as the Aero theme way.

How to enable to record transparent windows in RecMaster?

If you have problems switching to an Aero theme, you can enable to record transparent windows in Settings.

1. Go to Menu >> Settings

find settings on recmaster

2. Scroll down to find Transparent theme and tick the checkbox to enable “Record transparent window”,

Enable to record transparent windows

And now you can record the transparent windows with RecMaster on Windows 7.

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