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Record Audio with Airpods By Using RecMaster

Airpods is a headset that connects via Bluetooth. It is different in nature from conventional wired headsets, and you may encounter some problems while using Airpods to record sound. This article will provide you with some solutions and suggestions.

Make Sure the Airpods is Connected

First of all, please confirm that the Airpods are connected successfully, and then open RecMaster. Or you can exit RecMaster completely and reopen it after your Airpods is successfully connected. Mac users need to connect the Airpods to record when using the earphones, and then open RecMaster. The sound can be recorded according to the correct opening sequence.

Record on a Conference Platform

If you need to record on a conference platform, some conference platforms have special sound card settings. You can set the speaker and microphone in the settings of the conference platform>> sound settings, select the “Same as system” option. The picture below is a screenshot of Zoom’s sound settings.

Zoom audio settings

Optimization suggestion

If none of the above methods work, you need to confirm whether you want to record microphone sound. In the Apple system, after the Bluetooth headset is connected, if the microphone is used, it will enter the bass quality mode and cannot record normally. If you do not need to record the microphone sound, you can turn off the microphone on our software, then you can record normally.
And due to the low stability of the connection between the Bluetooth headset and the computer, we recommend you use a plug-in headset.

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