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Fail to Install Audio Driver on Mac

The reason why Mac users fail to install audio driver is that the installation process is not executed well. Solution to the problem is to uninstall the old audio driver and reinstall a new one.

Follow the Steps Below to Solve the Installation Failure

1. Download the audio driver uninstaller

Download Button for the Uninstaller

2. Activate the uninstaller and click ‘Continue’.

Download the Uninstaller

3. Now click ‘Install’.
Click Install and Continue the Process

4. Insert your Mac password.

Insert Users’ Mac Password

5. Now the audio driver is being uninstalled, pleas wait a second.
6. If the uninstall process is finished, click ‘close’.
7. Now the audio driver is completely uninstalled from your PC, Now please follow RecMaster’s instruction to reinstall the audio driver.

Ideal occasions

● The driver can’t operate normally after installation. Users could use this uninstaller to delete the old driver and reinstall a new one.
● Users decide to abandon RecMaster and they want to remove all the plugins of it.

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