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How to Fix Recording Has No Sound Issue

Recording has no sound may crop up due to improper recording settings, system settings, out-dated audio driver or conflict between multiple audio drivers.

As a general rule, microphone sound is naturally easy for screen recorder to capture directly, while system audio, because of potential copyright reason, makes recording a challenge. Hence, RecMaster screen recording products take advantage of its own virtual audio driver to route the system sound to speaker for capture. The Windows version has bundled this driver into its setup file. However, RecMaster for Mac still needs users to install the audio driver named “Aunboxsoft Audio Device” manually. (>>How to Install Mac Audio Driver on Mac)

After you have got familiar with this workflow, let’s check several possible solutions to muted/silence recording.

1. Check and ensure the original system or microphone sound is hearable.

If the system sound is muted or you didn’t plug the mic into microphone jack rightly, no sound will be captured. Set Windows for example, you can navigate to the Sound settings to enable the speaker or headphone playback and fine tune the speaker volume to a relatively higher value (at least 50%) from Volume Mixer/Control.

2. Check and make “Aunboxsoft Audio Device” the sound output option (For Mac)

If you get a failure when recording system sound on Mac, you can close RecMaster app and then check whether the “Aunboxsoft Audio Device” is selected under Settings -> Sound -> Output. Also, navigate to Input section to ensure the option is picked as its Microphone. After that, do quit and open RecMaster again to start the recording. Also, you can restart the computer to begin a new recording with RecMaster.

Select Sound Output as Aunboxsoft Audio Device

If you get such soundless video when recording Zoom meetings, please go to Audio Settings and pick “Aunboxsoft Audio Device” as the default speaker.

Zoom speaker settings

Note that currently RecMaster doesn’t support recording audio from any bluetooth audio device.

3. Update the audio driver of your computer to the latest version.

If the device driver is out of date, audio capture may encounter errors. You are suggested to visit the official online support center of your computer to obtain the latest audio driver and get it installed on your machine.

Uninstall or disable other audio utilities to avoid audio driver conflict.

Either pre-installed by default or installed manually by you on the computer, any third-party audio related components or software may contribute to conflict so that RecMaster can not grab the audio signal normally. So, go over the one(s) on your computer, disable or uninstall it/them depending on the circumstances.

If you fail to figure this problem out anyway, please contact our support team for more help. You can also send us the black screen video alongside.

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