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Video Recording Is Black Screen | Reasons & Fixes

Many factors could lead to the video recording is black screen error, for instance, video format/codec, video player, copy-protected content capture, or other incompatibility issues. In view of this, if your video is black screen while you can hear the audio, try the following solutions. (Please make sure you’ve upgraded the software to the latest version.)

Fix 1: Alter a media player to play the file

For Reason: Compatibility Error Between Video and Player

Since RecMaster, either Windows or Mac version, has wide system support, the real video playback circumstance must vary from users. Even though RecMaster employs the most commonly used video codec and format, many elder media players may still have problems with the recordings. So use a more powerful media player like VLC, KMPlayer, and SMPlayer to open and watch the recording.

Media Players

Fix 2 : Change recording mode or lower the parameter settings

For Reason: Improper Recording Settings

In some cases, improper recording modes or settings could cause this black-screen recording. So ensure you’ve selected the right recording mode to capture your content, for example, Game Mode is the top choice for gameplay capture and Full Screen is ideal for other full-screen operations.

RecMaster 2.2 Main Interface

Also, if your quality level and fps value are too high for your PC to handle, it’s also possible to work out a black-screen video. Try to lower them to see if it’s workable.

One more word: do run RecMaster before the app or game you’d like to capture.

Fix 3: Use Firefox to play the media. But in many cases, there’s no solution for it.

For Reason: Your Recording Target is Encrypted

When you are grabbing browser video with copy protection like Netflix video, you’d better use Firefox browser rather than others like Chrome and Edge. If the media content is unavailable for browser playback, or even Firefox playback won’t make the recording a success, you will have to turn to some other DVR-enabled streaming recorder.

Fix 4: Disable the browser’s hardware acceleration; Re-install the graphics card driver.

For Reason: Hardware Accelerated Rendering or Graphics Card Driver

Fix 5: Restart the computer or change the webcam resolution.

For Reason: Webcam Is Incompatible with System Under Dual-system Environment.

If you dual-boot Windows and macOS on a computer and the webcam (PC integrated one in most cases) is unfriendly with the other system, when you initiate a webcam recording, it may be black, blurred, and indistinct.

If the problem still exists, you can contact our support team for more help.

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