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How to Enable Microphone Privacy on Windows 10?

If you are using Windows 10, sometimes when you start recording, you may get the following warning saying that you didn’t enable the microphone privacy. Here you will get all the steps about how to enable it on Windows 10.

microphone privacy problem

Why you get the microphone privacy warnings?

It’s because that you’ve turned on to record the microphone in RecMaster, but the privacy to use the microphone is disabled in System settings. So if you hope to record your own voice with the microphone, you have to enable it with the steps below.

How to enable Microphone Privacy on Windows 10?

Step 1: Search “microphone privacy settings” in the search bar, find Microphone privacy settings and open it.

search microphone privacy settings

If you can’t find the search bar, please right-click on the Windows taskbar, choose “Search” and tick “Show search box”.

show search box

Step 2: Turn on to allow apps to access your microphone.

enable all

Step 3: Turn on to allow desktop apps to access your microphone especially RecMaster.

enable app

Step 4: Restart RecMaster and start the recording again.

And then you will be able to record your voice with your microphone while recording.

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