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Video (or Audio) Recording Is Unable to Play Fixes

When you complete the screen recording and make a preview on it, you find your video or audio recording is unable to play. Is there anything wrong with it? You can settle this problem by following the methods below.

1 – Use another media player

One of the possible reason is that your default media player is not compatible with the recording. So switch to another player like (cross-platform & open source) VLC Media Player, KMPlayer (for Windows only) to open the file.

media players

2 – Recover its original name and saving folder (for Mac only)

If you have moved the recording from its default saving folder to another one, or renamed the video recording from its location, but not from RecMaster’s Recording list, you may encounter this “recording is unplayable” issue. Under these circumstances, you should restore its file name and location to make it playable as normal.


3 – Repair it

If none of the above mentioned methods works, your video recording may be damaged. You can repair it with related program or send our support team the file for more help.

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