How to Fix Screen Recording Blurry Problem on Computer

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How to fix screen recording blurry problem on computer

Screen recording has become a workable way to get the copy of video that is unable to download without limit and capture all the onscreen activities. We can’t deny the convenience it brought to us but a blurry or lagging problem produced by screen recording makes us feel nettlesome. Since nobody would like to watch a grainy or shaky video, let’s have to eliminate the annoying puzzle.

Now let’s move on to read this post and know how to fix screen recording blurry problem on your computer.

We have gone through many forums like Reddit, Quora and collected massive information that is related to the burry problem. So before we directly move on to the fixing tips, let look at some main causes of the pixelated problem.

● Network status
Many users complain the grainy problem when they record online videos, live streaming. Unstable network status possibly results in the fuzzy problem especially for the online video recording.

● High CPU usage
If you open too many windows and applications at the same time, the running speed of your computer will slow down. Under this circumstance, the computer is in abnormal state, so you are easy to get the pixelated result when you capture some software tutorials.

● Output platform policy
Some users illustrate the situation that the screen recording blurry problem occurs when they upload to social platforms. Local video is crystal clear with high resolution but some platforms won’t let user send the ultra resolution videos like 4k (3840X2160). In this way, higher resolution video will be compressed into a lower one by platforms including YouTube, Google Drive. This is also a phenomenon that will cause the distorted problem.

● Improper resolution
The resolution of your screen recording will determine how good its definition is. If you select the smaller area in your recording, the resolution will be lower which is likely to cause the screen recording grainy problem when you want to enlarge the recording window.

● Low frame rate
Frame rate describes the frequency at which consecutive images called frames appear on display. The screen recording of high quality and clear movement like gameplay usually requires at least 24 fps. If your parameter is lower than this, you may get a lackluster file for a gameplay screencast.

● Non-ideal screen recorder
A good screen recorder is the footstone to produce a high quality video which offers versatile features to suit your demands. If you’re only permitted to use the default choice, you are easy to get the unwanted video for the improper settings or low performance produced by screen recorder.

● Poor light or the device breakdown
If you create video from your camera, shadowy environment will make your video obscure. However, with a broken down webcam device, it’s impossible to capture a crystal webcam video even there is plenty light.

There are abundant reasons that have correlation to the screen recording grainy problem. Since we can’t know the main cause of the problem on your computer, you’re suggested to try the following tips one-by-one. If you feel vexatious to follow the steps, you can directly jump to the last step choosing a high quality screen recorder called RecMaster to record screen without the pixelated puzzle.

Tips on how to fix the screen recording blurry problem

Method 1 Fix blurry video by improving its quality with professional editor
Maybe you’ve created a distorted video before reading this post and search for workable solution to recover it. In this way, you can try to use some video editors like AVS Video Editor, Movavi Video Suite to restore the fuzzy video.

Method 2 Re-record a video with adequate preparation
If that isn’t workable or you want to produce a new one, you can re-record with the help of screen recorder. In order to get a high quality video, there are many preparations that you need to consider.

1). Network status for online recording
Make sure that your network status is ready to play online streaming without suffering. Besides, move your computer to a relatively quiet place if you are going to record screen with audio. If the recording content has no correlation to internet, you can ignore the step.

2). Leave enough space for high-pace movement recording
Free up computer space and only keep the necessary programs running on your computer to leave enough space for the target software.

3). Know the norm of the uploaded platform
Different platforms run different policies. Given that you want to upload video to the mainstream media, you’d master the rules before you start. If you’ll upload the video to Twitch, you’re constrained to 1080p/60fps. However, if the final platform is YouTube, you really should increase the bitrate for at least 1280×720. Always keep in mind where this video will be displayed. If you only save these video locally, you can record at ease.

4). Inspect the device status
You need to make sure that all the devices work on well including the camera, microphone and all involved ones. If you want to capture from the camera, you’d better select a luminous place. A good environment contributes to getting a high quality result.

5). Choose the suitable tool to help you record
A good screen recorder can not only capture your screen but also save your valuable time. If your screen recorder merely allows you to use the parameter by default and performs badly, you’d better turn to the alternative of your low performance screen recorder.

RecMaster is a high quality screen recorder which enables you to capture video in 1080p or even record screen with 4k footage. Now freely download and install the high performance software to produce video without blur.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

With all things down, let’s see how to create smooth and fluid videos by using RecMaster.

Step 1 Evoke the software with double-click
Step 2 Choose proper recording mode as your preference

Free RecMaster to Record High Quality Video

Choose proper resolution to avoid the stretched or scaled down of video typically caused down by editing or producing at the wrong Editing Dimension. The most recommended resolution is the full screen mode of your display which is 720p/1080p.The rest modes are Custom area, Game mode, Webcam, Audio only that can be applied in different conditions. No matter what mode you use, proper resolution is essential.

Step 3 Configure the parameter
Unlike other screen recorders merely use the parameter by default, RecMaster permits you to change the default parameter as you like. You are able to increase the frame rate to 30fps with original quality that will make your video smoother and more fluid. Meanwhile, you can select the perfect format according to the platform policy.

Settings of RecMaster

Step 4 Start recording
By pressing REC button to begin and to end you just need to click the Stop icon.

Step 5 Editing and uploading
RecMaster has preloaded the editor to cut any unwanted clips of the video and after editing, you can upload video to YouTube in one-click solution.

Final word
After reading the post, you probably find the workable way to resolve the screen recording blurry problem. Since screen recorder is the necessary tool to capture onscreen activity, we suggest you to employ the high quality screen recorder RecMaster.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

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