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COVID-19 is rampaging across the globe and people are consequently banned from work and schools. Under such circumstance, remote communication now consequently takes up great market portions. It is evident that video Stream plays a crucial role in remote communication. It appears in different forms like online lessons and conferences, video calls etc.

How to Record Screen on Windows XP

As inevitable assistants to video stream tendency, and in the recent Windows XP version, two screen recorders punch above its weight at this mandatory phase.

Let’s check out how to screen record on Windows XP with the recommended two screen recorders.

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Using RecMaster to record screen on windows XP
Using Ezvid to record screen on windows XP

How to Record Screen on Windows XP with RecMaster?

RecMaster is always an intimate friend of those in need of recording screen. RecMaster’ Windows XP version has been created with uncluttered interface and neat features, and there is no denying that RecMaster is an organic unity of simplicity and versatility.

RecMaster boasts for its crisp-HD recording condition. Not to mention its full screen mode and game mode are never a letdown to consumers. Speak of recording modes, RecMaster supports custom area recording and recording with webcam, and a prompt sharing button to help you upload your videos to YouTube. In spite of what are mentioned above, some unique features like audio-only recording mode, scheduled recording, annotations and cursor effect are all within your hand’s reach.

Supported OS: Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10
Latest Version Number: v1.0.15.136 for Windows

free download RecMaster for Windows

1. Using Full Screen Recording Mode to Record Screen.

RecMaster Full Screen Recording Windows XP

a. Double-click RecMaster and hit full screen mode to enter its setting interface.

RecMaster Full Screen Settings

The first graph decides which format to export. There are 3 formats to choose from: MP4, AVI, FLV
The part with sequence number 2 is in charge of video quality. RecMaster provides consumers with 3 kinds of quality – Standard, High and Original.
The third portion determines frame rate, RecMaster supports 20fps to 60
The fourth, fifth and sixth parts correlates with webcam and audio options. You can either turn on or turn off your webcam/system sound/microphone according to your requirements.

b. Click REC to start recording.
c. Find the floating bar and add annotations while recording.

RecMaster Floating bar plus annotation

d. Check out your footage at Recording list where you can playback, edit and Export your video.

● Uncluttered interface and simple operation.
● Capture video and webcam simultaneously.
● Support annotation for highlighting.
● Either Record video alone or record with audio is accessible.
● Scheduled function for automatic recording.
● Support instant social media sharing like uploading to YouTube.

● Insufficient editing tools.
● Need a paid version to unlock no-time-limit recording.

Basically full-screen mode is capable to meet with most of demands of Windows XP users. But chances are that people want to advanced function, here we offer other options.

2. Using Game Mode to Record Screen
Basically, operations of recording a game are similar to that of full screen recording.
You can totally start your game recording with RecMaster’s default settings. But if you want better performance to be delivered, here you need to do some subtle adjustments on settings.

RecMaster - Game Mode Screen Recording for XP

First of all, you should re-set the quality for recording. e.g. you can record 4K-quality if your monitor is 4K. (A significant caveat: Choice of original quality is going to create huge files that take up large storage of your discs, so it is necessary to know if this is affordable before recording.)
Secondly, recording with webcam and internal camera proves to be an effective way to make tutorials or commentary videos, these two types of videos have higher standard on illustrative information.

3. Using Custom Area to Record Screen
Custom-area mode is a mode that targets accurately at your objects. The coolest part of it is that it automatically contracts the recording-area so as to recognize no matter operating windows, playing videos, rolling web pages and soon. You can totally click and drag your cursor to select a customized area.

RecMaster Custome Area Mode for Screen Recording Windows XP

4. Using Webcam to Record Screen
Now nearly all the PCs are equipped with camera, which is good for making video products on social media. Webcam recording now has been regarded as an extreme important device for those game-commentary and online-education practitioners, these two jobs now occupy a position as COVID-19 spreading influence.
a. Click webcam mode
b. Set up resolution and audio source in a popping up window.
c. Hit REC to start recording.

RecMaster Webcam Mode for Capturing Webcam on Windows XP

5. Audio-only mode
Audio-only mode is one of the five fundamental modes of RecMaster, it serves as supplemental functions for other recording modes. Specifically for demands of adding commentary contents to video or making perfect tutorial video or add sound files to online lessons for better demonstration.

RecMaster Audio Only mode for Capturing Audio on Windows XP

You still need to set up options before recording. Decide whether you like your webcam or microphone to be open or not, since you definitely don’t want your audio file be disturbed by unwanted system sound or otherwise, your background noise.

How to Record Screen on Windows XP with Ezvid?

Supported OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Latest Version Number: v1.004

Ezvid is able to copy and record anything running on your PC totally for free. It works on any web browsers, any video, any chat boxes etc. It is an awesome video editor that it can do stuff like voice recording, speed control, screen drawing, adding stamps, and YouTube upload. Only one thing you need to be informed before download Ezivid that if you are SP1, SP2, you need to upgrade to SP3 to use Ezvid.
Ezvid will not add any watermarks to your videos, and it offers music for editing. It is quite benevolent feature for fresh YouTubers since YouTube always implements strict policies on background music.

1. Click to capture screen and wait for count down. Now feel free to open any program on computer.
2. Now you may notice a control bar with its three buttons. Click the first button to pause and resume to recording. The second button to stop recording. The third button provides with editing tools including brush and stamps to text boxes.

Ezvid Control Bar when Screen Recording Windows XP

3. Once you finished recording, your footage will instantly appear in Ezvid timeline. Right click your footage to get access to screen editing tools: Duplicate, Delete, Speed control and Split.

Ezvid Speed Control

4. Share your video to YouTube.

Additional features:
a. Synthesize Speech. This is extremely friendly for those don’t have microphones around. Specifically, this built-in feature helps to narrate your texts out of images or videos.
b. Simultaneous screen recording – Record Microphone and systems sound at the same time is convenient for commentary.
c. Transparent controller – make the control bar invisible while recording.
d. Webcam capture.
e. Add watermark into recording.

a. If you don’t want your video to have a sound, choose its built-in music – Silent Machine Background. But the question is this music is full of glitch-like noise, you need to download a real silent music for your video.
b. You can’t hear your video’s sound when you are editing it, which is a extensively criticized point for many users.
c. Time limit for 45 minutes.
d. Saving files to PC is not available.
e. Game mode will do you no help – it just sends you to a new google page.

That is all the information about suitable screen recorders for Windows XP. Since pros and cons have been exhibited and contrasted above. It must be clear on which one to choose. But all in all, these two recorders share a common trait, which is they are all easy to operate. Hope those who read this article successfully step into screen recording’s world. If you the two are not what you want, you can get more recommendations on best screen recorders for Windows PC.

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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