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In this article, you will find how to record a selected area with an easy-to-use screen recorder.

When it comes to recording computer screens, we don’t always need to capture the full screen, because sometimes selecting and recording a certain area is just enough. For instance, you only want to display the operation of a single windowed application, the activity of a browser, or something else without a bottom menu.

Recording a partial area does have many advantages, it not only delivers viewers concentrated content to focus on but also protects the privacy of the computer owner in case anything special or crucial on the desktop or other places is leaked accidentally. Therefore, we here in this article will teach you how to record a selected area of your computer screen, either Windows or Mac-based computer and laptop.

How to Record a Selected Area on Windows

RecMaster – An Easy Screen Recording Expert with a Custom Area Recording Feature

To meet the various needs of users, a qualified screen recorder must-have features for both recording the entire desktop and shooting a specific area freely. And most screencast products are developed in this way. However, the details vary from one to another. Some recorders only provide a custom area option for flexible screen selection, while some have regular-size presets for computer and mobile. RecMaster belongs to the latter category.

As a decent and cross-platform screen capture application, RecMaster enables you to record any specific region on your Windows or Mac desktop for playback on a computer, mobile, or sharing online. If you have no idea what size you should select, several ready-made resolutions for PC and Mobile with a fixed aspect ratio are available here. Now free download it and start the capture after installation.

free download RecMaster for Windows free download RecMaster for Mac

How to Record a Selected Area of Computer Screen with RecMaster

Step 1 – Choose the Custom Area mode

Launch RecMaster and click “Custom Area” recording mode to select the region manually with your mouse. If you plan to record a mobile-friendly video, please click the “Mobile Phone Mode” labeled with a phone icon to pop up a dashed box at 480 * 854 automatically.

Step 2 – Adjust the selected area if necessary and do settings for recorded video.

Even if you’ve selected an area in Step 1, you can still adjust the size by straightforward dragging or picking from size presets like For PC -> 1920*1080 (16:9), For Mobile -> 360*640 (9:16). What’s more, you can lock the recording area and move its position at will with an arrow icon in the middle.

How to Record A Selected Area of Windows 10 Screen

As to video settings, you are allowed to output video in MP4, FLV, or AVI format at original/high/standard quality. You can leave frame rate by default unless you’re going to grab high-paced gameplay clips and need a higher fps value like 60. RecMaster gets on well with any front camera and audio sources, so it’s totally up to you whether to mix the webcam overlay or record the customized area with audio.

Step 3 – Start and stop the recording with the well-marked red buttons.

If you take it somewhat inconvenient, take advantage of the hotkeys: Start/Pause recording: Alt+1; End recording: Alt+2; Show main window: Alt+3; Hide/Show webcam: Alt+4.
During the recording process, you can make some highlights via the annotation toolbar. And after the recording, the built-in editor is capable of cutting the unwanted parts off or splitting large long videos into smaller shorter ones easily.
Edit After Recording a Selected Area on Computer

More about RecMaster Screen Recorder

RecMaster is a feature-laden screen recorder that is embedded with multiple recording modes. Except for Custom Area, Game Mode, Full Screen, Webcam, and Audio Only are here for different user requirements like 4K @60fps screen video capture, full-screen gameplay capture, facecam recording on computer, live webinar recording, and such.

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RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

RecMaster – Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

Multiple recording modes make it easy to capture anything on screen.

Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

Flexible settings for mouse cursor effects, watermark and annotations.

Preloaded with recording scheduler, video editor. Allow one-click sharing.

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