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How to Turn Off User Account Control pop-ups

If you are getting annoyed by the UAC(User Account Control) window popping up every time when you open RecMaster, in this article, we will show you an easy way to turn off the pop-up.

UAC pop up

Why does the UAC window pop up?

Since there are some features in our screen recording software that require administrator privileges, such as game mode. And recording screen requires the computer’s screen capture, camera, microphone, and storage write permissions, which are all sensitive permissions and will pop up if your computer’s security alert level is high.

How to turn off the UAC window?

If you don’t want this window to pop up every time, you can turn off the security alerts on your computer. But this method is limited to the fact that your computer’s software is safe and secure. If your software has some risk of harming your computer, then it is not recommended that you choose this method.

Step 1: Open your computer’s settings page.

First, click the Start button(Windows icon) in the bottom left corner of your desktop. Find the Settings.

Windows settings

Step 2: Find the Security and Maintenance. 

You can search for “Security and Maintenance” in the search bar, then, click on the “Change User Account Control settings“.

security and maintenance

Step 3: Change the settings to “Never notify”

The last step is to move the small blue square to Never notify and click on the OK button. After you modify this setting, there will be no more UAC(User Account Control) window pop-ups when you launch RecMaster or other software.
UAC settings

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