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Screen Recording Is Noisy or Echoing? How to Improve/Avoid

Noisy or echoing narration must ruin a great piece of recording. If your happened to work out such recording, you must know that: normally there’s nothing to do with recording software. Instead, you should play more attention to the computer’s audio driver, microphone device or recording environment.

Pick a decent sounding room

To begin with, you’d better find a more proper place or built a “studio-alike” recording room with less or no background noise for perfect voiceover capture.

recording with audio

Upgrade or reinstall the audio driver

You can check the performance of system bundled audio recorder like Voice Recorder of Windows 10, and QuickTime’s audio recording feature to see if there’s something wrong with your audio driver. If they output the similar poor audio, then you can uninstall and reinstall the computer’s audio driver from the computer manufacturer’s official site.

upgrade dirver

Try to avoid capturing system sound and mic simultaneously if there are some echos already

Echo in background is usually caused by speakers sound bleeding into the microphone, so that you can hear the sound twice, three ore even more times. That’s to say, consider disable microphone capture if there’s no planned narration. If you prefer background music from system, you can add afterwards.

You can rely on some accessories to reduce background noise/echo

Your computer system may have related feature to remove noise, like the “Noise Suppression”&“Acoustic Echo Cancellation”under Windows Settings -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording -> Microphone or Handset Properties -> Enhancements,

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